The 45th annual Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic presented by Kaikeha and Pipeline World Games, on the North Shore of Oahu, finished up today at Ehukai Beach Park in 2-3 plus challenging conditions. There were 60 world class bodysurfers all enjoying the camaraderie of the community event even though the spot Pipeline was not in the cards. Surf was a challenge as competitors had to try and find the most contestable waves in a playing field very close to the beach. Some of the last maneuvers were done right into the sand! Scoring the best ride of the competition was the North Shore’s Todd Sells who has placed in many of these events through the years. He also took a third overall. Right behind him was the guy with the biggest smile, Kealii Punley in fourth. Kai Santos who is no stranger to winning bodysurfing contests ended up in 2nd just a couple points behind the winner Kalani Souza Lattanzi. The 28 year old Lattanzi is from Maui and known for his big wave riding at the world renowned surf spot Peahi, called Jaws. He took out the heat with a total 14.60 score out of 20 and a $500 prize!

Bodysurfing, called he’e umauma or kaha nalu in Hawaiian, was first enjoyed by ancient Hawaiians at the break called “Pipeline” today. It is believed that bodysurfing at Pipeline was first inspired by the dolphins seen there, long before the invention of the surfboard.

While boardsurfing has evolved into a visible and highly competitive sport, the main draw to bodysurfing is still as it ever was–the intimate relationship between the ocean and the rider in what is considered by many as the “purest form of waveriding.”

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