10 rainy days in the UK. Watch Mark Gonzales and the Krooked team alongside some very special guests visit Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and London. All the Pret a Manger and pints you want!

Doesn’t matter if they’re rolling up to a crusty little local park for a session or a demo, or if they’re hitting every cutty little street spot imaginable. This crew shows up, kills it and has an infectious ability to make us envy the amount fun they’re having every step of the way.

Tattoos in the hotel room, big group dinners, sleeping where and when you can—skateboarders live a helluva life and that lifestyle is a major part of what keeps us hooked. Memories like this aren’t experienced if you’re living a safe, average life. These moments are reserved for people like this. The ones living with intention, on a whim, ready to rip at any moment for no other reason besides the natural urge to simply do so. Get it strait!

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