With his economy of movement and inimitable flow, South African style king Mikey February could make a lunch tray look rippable. On a finely tuned craft, his surfing is hard to look away from.

February recently traveled to Indonesia to test drive the new Channel Islands Twin Pin model that he’s been working on alongside master shaper Britt Merrick. The CI Twin Pin, according to the CI site, is a versatile all-arounder that boasts the fun of a twinny but the hold and drive of a thruster. The board, of course, goes flawlessly under the feet of a smooth operator. But in the words of February himself in the edit above, the board was made for the average twin-fin-loving surfer in mind.

“I guess we’re trying to bridge that gap a little bit and create something that has the best of both worlds, which I feel like it does have,” says February in the edit. “It’s super versatile….I ride it 3 inches shorter than my shortboard.”

Click play above to see how the board goes in perfect waves, and visit the CI site for a more detailed breakdown of the new model.

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