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International Canoe Federation (ICF) announced that 2X World Champion paddler Olivia Piana to be one of three head coaches overseeing the ICF stand up paddling development camp ahead of September 2021 World Championships in Hungary.

Women ICF SUP World Championships China
Top Female paddlers celebrate at the 2019 ICF World Championships in China. Photo: Georgia Schofield

Piana to Coach Paddlers at ICF Camp

Olivia Piana, of France, won gold in both the sprint and the technical races at the 2019 ICF SUP World Championships in China. She will be joined by Austria’s Christian Taucher and Israel’s Ran Gaash as lead coaches for the ICF development camp in Balatonfured, Hungary.

Taucher and Gaash both acted as coaches for a development camp held ahead of the 2019 world titles at Lake Balatonfured.

Read about ICF World Championship venue:
Balatonfured, Hungary

ICF World Championships Balatonfured Hungary
2X World Champ Olivia Piana to coach paddlers in ICF’s 2021 Development Camp.

ICF Camp to Host Paddlers from 17 Countries

Seventeen athletes from 17 nations have signed up for this extraordinary training camp, which will run on the eve of the September 9-12 championships.

At the ICF we explore new ways to attract additional athletes to stand up paddling, and our development camps are always very popular,” ICF SUP coordinator, Hoichan Kwon stated.

This is such a bonus to have a world champion athlete such as Olivia Piana to mentor athletes within our programme. As witnessed in China, Piana is an outstanding paddler. Unquestionably, her presence at this development camp will inspire the athletes.

Christian and Ran are also both fantastic. We are very excited that they agreed to be part of this ICF development camp.”

ICF SUP World Championships Georgia Schofield
2019 ICF World Championships. Photo: Georgia Schofield

Late Registration for ICF World’s Still Open

The deadline for athlete registration for the world championships is August 28 at 6pm. All registered athletes will receive a letter from event organizers which will allow them to avoid quarantine upon arrival in Hungary.

Late registration is still possible, but with an additional EUR 100 fee. More details can be found on the official event website

Only 10 days left until the 2021 ICF Stand Up Paddling World Championships are to begin. Who is your best guess to be the NEXT World Champion?

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