Abe Bethel and his crew of curb destroyers are back with another banger! Some of our favorite pros and bros are all here doing more than you thought possible on these little painted lumps of concrete.

Filmed and edited by Timothy Olson
Special thanks to Nate Joski

Ronnie Creager
John Demaranville
Jud Farhat
Sammy Spiteri
Tanner Lawler
Grant Fiero
Nicoline Egeberg
Nate Denver
David Alvarez
Kenny Anderson
Ryan Gallant
Shane Heyl
Jeremy Cannon
Geoff McFetridge
Travis Reese
Jaime Owens
Jason Filipow
Duncan Byrnes
Rafael Bustamante
Dane Burman
Nolan Houghton
Ryan Maddox
Catherine Marquise
Joey Pulsifer
Reed Kanter
Abe Bethel

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