These raw Paul Rodriguez VX clips might be 15 years old, but they still hold up to this day. Raise your hand if you remember this golden era of P-Rod!

From his switch skills to all the impressive flip-in, flip-outs, these sessions were going down during the filming of Plan B’s Me, Myself and I video and were unarguably ahead of their time. Some of these lines in the middle of the video are too good! The MACBA line at the end, in itself, is worth a few repeats. See for yourself!

No need for background music when the skating is this dialed. There’s a harmony to the popping, sliding and grinding that Paul delivers with each trick. And although the nostalgia is real, most of these tricks could drop tomorrow and still be impressive. Plus, there will always be something special about VX clips — the crispy sounds, the death lens, the colors. It’s all there!

It’s incredible that Paul is still out there breaking barriers and progressing skateboarding to this day. The man is aging like fine wine and all of his past parts are forever timeless. But don’t just take my word for it, peep the comments on the video and join the conversation!

Paul has countless loyal fans and has inspired the culture in a way many others never could. Hats off to one of the greats. Keep the fire burning!

Video: Mike Hoops / Paul Rodriguez

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