Once again one of Europe’s biggest contests cracked off in Tallinn, Estonia, this time with warm summer weather in stark contrast to the winter events we’ve attended in the past. The skatepark was built in an old rubber factory with a mini ramp outside and surrounding buildings with food, coffee, yoga, and tattoos. With the pleasant weather and the fact that it stays light in Estonia until 11 pm in the summer, the organizers set up jams at street spots throughout the city, similar to how CPH Open does it. On Thursday, the skaters were able to skate Tallinn’s most famous street plaza, Hamarik plaza, with added rails and Hubbas down the stairs. Then on Friday evening, a hot tub was set up in the middle of Freedom Square with kickers on both sides and a wild huck-fest ensued. At the end of the five-day festival (it really was), we saw Jaime Mateu backfilp the hot tub and win the mini ramp contest, were introduced to the smooth skating of 15 year old Japan sensation Toa Sasaki, Matias Dell Olio won the Hamarik Hubba best trick, and Liam Pace once again took home a gold trophy inside the Pohjala Factory. Scroll down for tons of photos with more info in the captions. Check the photos!

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