Noic Garioud and Espe Barreras of Team Starboard secure top spots on the podium at third stop of the SUP Euro Tour in Santa Pola, Spain. This World SUP Festival event is considered the biggest SUP race of the European summer. With the world’s best paddlers on the start list, it was a weekend to remember.

Noic Garioud
Evincing his first win for Starboard over Aussie powerhouse and team legend Michael Booth was quite a moment for this young racer. Photo: Euro Tour

Noïc Garioud Battles Teammate Michael Booth for the WIN

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Team Starboard rose to the occasion in Santa Pola, Spain to deliver exceptional performances on race day for both the men and women. Young gun Noïc Garioud claimed his first title win for Starboard, and for the women it was Espe Barreras who took off at the start and never looked back to prove that she is the female contender to watch for the 2022 season!

Garioud, the New Caledonian battled hard with Starboard teammate Michael Booth (2nd) and friend Ty Judson (3rd) for the top spot on the podium. In the final kilometer, the race became an veritable showcase of determination and grit for Garioud to make his mark on the leaderboard by out paddling these two legends. Fourth place went to another ferocious New Cali racer, the indomitable Titouan Puyo, followed by excellent performances within the junior riders as Shrimpy, at 16-years-old, closed out the Top 5.

Michael-Booth-The-World-SUP-Festival-3-side-draft-on-train Noic Garioud Ty Judson
Paddlers jockying for position in the choppy waters off of Santa Palo, Spain. Photo: Euro Tour

Booth led out front with about 100-150m in the lead and I was in a constant fight with Ty who was 30-50m ahead of me. Coming into the last 1,500m the waves created by boat traffic were less intense, and the downwind part a little cleaner. This is where I managed to push myself harder and found a solid speed average to pass Michael on the last 700-800m.” ~ Noïc Garioud (France)

Michael-Booth-The-World-SUP-Festival-4-finish-line Noic Garioud Starboard
With a battle down to the finish line, Garioud and Booth showed the world of the excitement to come on the rest of the tour. Photo: Euro Tour

Booth Congratulates Garioud on a Job Well Done

Ever the good sportsman and ultimate competitor, Michael Booth was quick to point out Garioud and Judson’s strengths with a longview of what he will work on this summer for a rematch.  He says,

My race at the World SUP Festival went mostly to plan. I enjoy the adventure of an Island crossing and heading out on the ferry to Tabarca was really cool! We were greeted with 8-10knots of wind that would be behind us for most of the race. This coupled with extreme amounts of boat traffic would make the race very technical.

My start was one of the best I have had ever and I was able to get out in front and control the race. In the 4km upwind, I conserved the best I could and Ty and I took an opportunity to gap the field about 750m from the turn. At 5km it was a race of three competitors with Noïc, me and Ty battling it out in close quarters. The swells were there but you had to really work for them at the back side of the island before you could surf after rounding the bottom. I ground out a solid gap to about 100m with a couple of kilometers to go.

Unfortunately for me, the gap closed quickly and I just did not have the energy to surge in those final moments. I was happy to finish in a close second to Noic and to hold off Ty, but I know where I need to work in the coming months to improve. My next stop will be APP Santa Monica! Thanks to Starboard for all their support.” ~ Michael Booth (Australia)

Barreras sprinted off the start line and kept the field to herself for the entirety of the race to win for Team Spain. Photo: Euro Tour

Espe Barreras Powers Away from the Pack

In the woman’s World SUP Festival race, the crowd bore witness to a superb performance by Starboard Spanish Team rider Espe Barreras who led from start to finish. Espe spotlighted for all to see that she is the woman to beat this year by breaking away early on in the race and never once looking back. Her lead was strong and steady.  Crossing the finish line, she was victorious for the women at this stop on the Euro Tour 2022.  It was a great weekend for all!

Espe says, “Racing at World SUP Festival in Santa Pola was one of the most beautiful for me!⁣ Everyone has given a good squeeze to the body… but it’s all laughs & smiles at the finish line!⁣ Congrats to all riders and to Team Spain!~ Espe Barreras (Spain)

Interested in learning how to race but not sure where to start?  Check out this
“Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Raceboard” from Team Starboard.

Barreras is the female to watch as the World Tour unfolds in Europe! Photo: Euro Tour

2022 World SUP Festival Results – Top 10 Men:⁣

    1. Noic Garioud 🇫🇷 Starboard⁣
    2. Michael Booth 🇦🇺 Starboard
    3. Ty Judson 🇦🇺⁣  NSP
    4. Titouan Puyo 🇫🇷⁣  NSP
    5. Shuri Araki 🇯🇵⁣  NSP
    6. Ethan Bry 🇫🇷 Starboard
    7. Arthur Arutkin 🇫🇷⁣  Fanatic
    8. Aaron Sanchez 🇪🇸  Starboard
    9. Daniel Hasulyo 🇭🇺  Starboard
    10. Liran Machlev 🇮🇱  Starboard

2022 World SUP Festival Results – Top 10 Women:⁣

  1. Esperanza Barreras 🇪🇸 Starboard
  2. Duna Gordillo 🇪🇸⁣   NSP
  3. Anáis Guyomarch 🇫🇷⁣
  4. Amandine Chazot 🇫🇷⁣
  5. Melanie Lafenetre 🇫🇷⁣
  6. Caterina Stenta 🇮🇹  Starboard
  7. Cecilia Pampinella 🇮🇹⁣
  8. Iona Rivet 🇫🇷⁣
  9. Laura Quetglas 🇪🇸⁣  NSP
  10. Caroline Küntzel 🇩🇰⁣  Naish
  11. Paddlers on water Euro Tour

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