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Dave Boehne is constantly working on and refining his designs at Infinity Surf and maintains his position as #1 custom board builder here in the U.S. In the video below, check out the 2021 crowd favorite longboard style SUP by Infinity: the New Deal.

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Infinity New Deal now in mid-length 8’0 & 8’6

The longboard SUP revolution is in full swing and Infinity is riding high on the curl with innovative designs like the New Deal. An all carbon, performance style surf SUP, the New Deal is built to flex, twist and coil. Shaper Dave Boehne’s careful eye adds flex where riders want it for snaps, drives off the bottom and top turn maneuvers with added stiffness in the tail for control and speed.

Standard Dims:
8′ x 28″ x 101L    (New Size for 2021)
8’6″ x 29″ x 114L (New Size for 2021)
9′ x 26″ x 93L
9′ x 28″ x 104L
9′ x 31″ x 125L    (New Size 2021)
9’6″ x 31″ x 141L
10′ x 27″ x 122L
10′ x 29″ x 139L
10′ x 31″ x 159L

What the Deal on Infinity’s New Deal?

The New Deal by Infinity Surf is a performance style longboard SUP designed for intermediate to advanced riders. Don’t mistake these for cruiser boards; the New Deal is a performance-tuned shred machine.

Infinity’s desire to customize boards as much as possible led to their decision to develop multiple widths to accommodate surfers of all sizes. The final result is you won’t find another longboard SUP design like this on the market.

The New Deal is incredibly lightweight with an all carbon and durable “SUPspension Tech” construction that takes it to the next level. Consequently, this board is fast and responsive off the tail and locked in for nose rides from the front. Get ready to take your game to a whole new level!

Check out this video of the New Deal being shredded on slabs off the coast of Ireland:

In 2021, Infinity added two new mid-length sizes to the New Deal lineup including an 8′ and 8’6″ to further diversify the line and make your decision of which one to get that much harder!

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