On December 4, 2022 Super Skate Posse made it’s triumphant return to A’ala Park in Honolulu thanks to the support of American Savings Bank, Trust For Public Land and APB Skateshop. This visit to Hawaii we brought legendary skater and Real Skateboards pro, Jaime Reyes, who grew up just blocks from the skatepark. Joining The Posse was also hometown hero and Thank You Skateboards newest pro, Danny Hamaguchi, and Thank You’s co-owner, Torey Pudwill, as well as Chocolate Skateboards newest pro and CONS rippers, Erik Herrera.

The Posse, ASB and APB selected 50 children in need from Jaime’s alma maters to receive skateboards from REAL, CHOCOLATE, GIRL, DISORDER and THANK YOU, as well as Destroyer Helmets and skate shoes from Cons and Nike SB.
Thank you to ASB, APB, TFPL and all who made this special day happen.

Filmed and Edited by RB Umali

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