That time of the year is upon us: summer snowboard camp. It doesn’t just mean snowboarding in the summer, like duh, but it also means skateboarding, being outside, swimming, eating ice cream, being surrounded by friends, and literally just having Fun. Even if you don’t have the means to sign up for a summer snowboard camp session (because it is expensive), try to figure out a way to get yourself to Mount Hood or Woodward Copper just to feel like a kid again. 

And you need not worry – we are here to help you with the summer snowboard camp packing list. I’ll try to avoid the obvious ones which include but are not limited to: your snowboard, bindings, and boots. As long as you have these things, you’re good, but let us put you on to a few tips and tricks that you’ll be happy you remembered.

By us I mean me and my comrade Katie Kennedy, who I hit up to help me collab on this list, because no one talks about it enough but Katie is the gear queen of snowboarding. She’s really just the gear queen of our millennia in full. Have you ever gone camping with her? No, probably not, because she chooses carefully who she spends her time with. Also, she’s at summer camp right now so her takes are as close to the source as we can get.


Number one priority is sunscreen. I’ll use this opportunity to plug Sun Bum because to my knowledge, they are the only sunscreen company that puts their money towards snowboarding and for that, we thank them, because we NEED it. I would recommend the Tinted Mineral Suncreen for your face. It is soft and silky and one of the cleanest Sun Bum products you can get. The sun reflects of off the snow so even if you’re like, wait I’m snowboarding, why do I need sunscreen? just trust us, you need it.


The obvious choice here is Skullcandy. You’re gonna want vibes and you’re gonna want a Skullcandy speaker to assist in the curation of the vibes. When packing, it’s critical to remember the importance of the post-shred parking lot chill sesh; that’s where having a good speaker really comes in handy. Because then everyone will see that your parking lot crew is the coolest parking lot crew, and 5 friends will turn into 20 friends.


You’ll spend the majority of the day on hill. Again, you’re gonna want vibes, and you’re gonna want a stellar backpack to be properly equipped for full optimization of vibes. The best packing backpack I’ve ever had low key is from Vans because it has a zipper that goes like 325 degrees around. I would bet Burton and Dakine have some good daypacks too. Some sort of water resistance would be wise because that summer slush dooo be melting rapidly throughout the day.


Your winter snowboard pants and your summer snowboard pants might be two different pairs of pants, and we would think that’s smart of you. During the summer shred, the main focus here is waterproofness and lightweightness. Just a good pair of shell pants that will keep your legs dry. For the top half of your body, I think summer camp is a good opportunity to show off your personal style. The options are limitless. We don’t need jackets, because we won’t be cold. Tees, crewnecks, windbreakers – your top half is your oyster.


As my comrade Katie says, “bring em all because each day your head wants something else”. Definitely a baseball cap to cover the sun but also a beanie in case it gets cold or you feel like switching up your look. My personal favorite is when people tie t-shirts over their baseball cap to cover their face from the sun and it just looks really cool. Emma Crosby is the empress of making this look cool, but enjoy a less proper rendition of this look below.

Notice headwear


Them things are gonna get wet. Probably bring two pairs in your backpack every day. Crab grab Slush Mitt or Deathgrip are my personal favorites.


This is really important. Your eyes WILL get burnt due to, again, the reflection of the sun off the snow. Dang Shades Glacier Glasses shout out. A good pair from the gas station are fine too because that’s where the trends really start.


Your snowboard socks will get wet and they will smell rank and you will not want to wear a pair more than once. Bring a ton of em. Stance makes my personal favorite pair of snowboard socks, but check out Smartwool or another brand if for some reason you don’t believe me.


Laaaayerrrsss. Louder for the people in the back! LAYERS! Wear shorts under your snow pants, maybe bring baselayers in case the weather changes, then wear a tshirt, and bring a crewneck, and then bring a sort of cool anorak or rain jacket or windbreaker type of jam. You’ll thank me later.


The footwear you wear to and from the mountain is critical because like I mentioned earlier, we can’t downplay the importance of the post-shred parking lot chill sesh. Personally, I run a pair of purple fuzzy Steve Madden slides but you can rock those Vans or North Face slippers, sandals, slides, birkenstocks. I think you’re picking up what I’m putting down.


An easy necessity to overlook. You never know when you are gonna need to just start chilling somewhere. Bring a camp chair.


Yeah, duh. When you’re not snowboarding, chances are you’ll be skating, or at least someone in your crew will be talking about possibly going skating.

Look at her go, our little summer camp champion. 

Look at her go, our little summer camp champion. 

Katie’s Niche Necessities:

  • Water bottle BIG MASSIVE BACKUP
  • Wax cause it gets hot and sticky
  • SNACKS assortment
  • Phone for clipssssssss and time
  • A drying set up to lay things out I use my bike rack
  • Head lamp of sorts for night walks
  • Laundry detergent cause you smell
  • Markers and fun drawing paper
  • Bungee cords and straps and random tools in case you need to lock something in
An example of guys who look cool at summer camp because they packed correctly

An example of guys who look cool at summer camp because they packed correctly

So we know that this is a lot of information but look we just want you to be prepared, ok? Pick and choose whatever you see fit that is best for yourself. And most importantly, go have fun out there, kids.

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