The highly anticipated FIS Snowboard Park & Pipe episode of the “This Is FIS100” video series has finally been released. It is episode number 14 of video this series from FIS.

They sit down with two of the world’s top snowboarders to explore crucial aspects of snowboard culture that many people outside of the realms of slope style, big air, and half pipe might not yet know about.

Featuring the two time Olympic gold medalist, two time World Champion, and four time X Games medal winner Anna Gasser from Austria, along side three time crystal globe winner and world record holder Valentino Guseli from Australia, This Is FIS100 ep. 14: The Art of Snowboarding offers a deep dive into this FIS discipline, revealing that the competition field is absolutely just the beginning when it comes to understanding freestyle snowboarding.

Style, individuality, personality, and swagger are essential aspects of park and half pipe snowboarding that might be a bit challenging for outsiders to grasp. Because it is hard to put into words unless you are around it. If you get it, you get it type of thing. Therefor, those with a discerning eye and a basic understanding of excellence can recognize it when they see it—and that is why Anna and Valentino are two of the best in the business.

In this “The Art of Snowboarding” episode, you can look expect to see interviews with top riders and archive footage showcasing some of the most influential figures in the sport over the past decade on its grandest stages.

Watch the full episode here.

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