Tony Hawk’s The Skatepark Project announced it will partner with NYC non-profit Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan to develop Gotham Park and return the iconic Brooklyn Banks skate spot to the community by creating a new park under the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side. Breaking ground in spring 2023, the organizations will convert empty lots into resilient greenspace and develop open play spaces for all ages and abilities.

In the press release accompanying the State of the City address, Mayor Adams indicated a commitment to build out the public park space beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Phase one of the project, which includes restoring the Banks skate area and rebuilding community basketball courts, will advance the immediate return of desperately needed active recreation space in an area that has been long overlooked, under-resourced, and overburdened with civic infrastructure.

“For most of my life, skateboarding has been my home and community. Skateboarding brings people together, creating long-lasting friendships, builds determination and confidence, and all while promoting a healthy lifestyle,” said founder of The Skatepark Project, Tony Hawk. “We want to help provide a place for that sense of community and support at the Banks for people of all ages. The local community deserves to have a safe, designated skate space that provides a sense of belonging. It’s an honor to join our partners on this project and we’ll help however we can until it gets finished.”

“Skateboarding brings people from all backgrounds together, and this historic skatepark and its accompanying greenspace needs to be returned to the skaters and community residents who will cherish it,” said skateboarder and advocate Steve Rodriguez. “I grew up skating at the Brooklyn Banks, and can’t emphasize enough how crucial and formative this skatepark can be for young people. I thank The Skatepark Project for their generous commitment and for getting us one step closer to turning this project into a reality.”

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