Lower Trestles was officially closed this morning. Considering most every other beach in Southern California shut down in the last two weeks to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, we can’t say we’re surprised. A quick look at the Surfline cam this morning found empty Lowers peelers for the first time in….50 years? Longer? The biggest south swell of 2020 so far, going untouched at the most rippable peak in the United States. Incredible, really.

That is, until roughly 11:30 a.m., when two cowboys decided to roll up on the Lowers lineup in a small boat. The lifeguards weren’t having it. Before the pair of surfers could even catch two waves, they were ordered out of the water. First over the loudspeaker by trucks on the beach, then by a lifeguard on a longboard. Quickly squashing the question: Can you surf Lowers by boat?

Now, we presume had they simply paddled back to their boat and motored away, things would have ended there. But instead, the poorly anchored boat got caught by a cleanup set and rolled through the impact zone, ending the rebels’ session by destroying their getaway craft. Forced to shore, the two surfers were quickly apprehended.

We’ll update you as we receive more info.

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