While the rest of this season is in limbo, or more realistically all but over, we thought we would drop some of the products that will be out next year for your enjoyment. So… enjoy! Remember to wash your hands before and after reading this, practice social distancing by sending this to a friend that is far away, and STAY THE HELL ON YOUR COUCH UNTIL OUR NEXT POST.

Just in case you haven’t heard, Autumn is the new brand on the block. With a handful of great people involved, check out some of their first official offering below set to ship out in September. See more from the line here!


Photo Credit: Mark Clavin

The Talking on the left, and the Rays Hoodie on the right.

The Talking and Rays Hoodie

Standard fit hoodies with original art by David Daisy and Griffin Siebert.


Photo Credit: Mark Clavin

Speckled Beanie

Boom. It’s a beanie. It fits nice. Give it a try. Hand picked yarn for the most pleasurable experience possible.

The Vortex

Photo Credit: Mark Clavin


The Polar Fleece Bottoms feature Woven Taping Details with a drawstring waist, nylon knee blocking, and zip hand pockets while the half zip top is an equally fine piece of clothing, complete with zip pockets as well. STAY WARM AND SECURE… AND STYLISH AS HELL.



Photo Credit: Mark Clavin

The Spray and Flowers Crew

You will see the hats, so we thought we would show you some of their other offerings. More art from David Daisy and Griffin Siebert on a standard fit long sleeve. Keep an eye out for more from Autumn on their gram!

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