How to sum up the joyously watchable Ari Browne?

Here’s a little story: This writer once saw the rubbery, towheaded Aussie compete in the McTavish Trim event at the Byron Bay surf festival. (A few dozen alt-leaning loggers riding above-10-foot gliders, longest wave wins, etc.) Browne, who also goes by Krooky, showed up late for his heat wearing a black ski mask, paddled… er… pumped his way into the lineup at Wategos on a foil board, flipped around and rode a wave into the next bay over, never to be seen again. 

Enigmatic. Sardonic. Also, freakishly talented in the water–a wizard, even. Maybe. 

Another way to sum up Browne would be to recognize that his finless dance is arguably the most radical surfing being done today. 

All of this makes Krooky an ideal subject for SURFER’s interview series, “Alternative Lines”. For the latest installment of this semi-regular series, we caught up with surfing’s very own wizard, who kindly answered our questions about his favorite wizard stick, Hollywood depictions of wizards, dragons and essentially everything else one might want to know about wizards. Seriously. 

Click play to fall under the spell of Browne’s wizardry. 

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