Ok so, when I first started think about making Ye Olde Destruction, I had a vague idea that eventuated into something similar but kind of different. In the beginning I thought there would be some skatepark footage in the film, but in the end I just decided to just go with the footage from DIY spots with whatever else outside of that realm. Thus, leaving some cool sessions from a few different parks (Santa Cruz, Redwood City and Ripon) on the cutting room floor. Anyway, living in or near Santa Cruz and getting to watch Raven Tershy evolve from a young person into his fully formed adult amazingness on a skateboard has been a treat. He is definitely one of my all-time favorite skaters. So, it was fun to shoot a little bit of stuff with Ray, the footage at the beginning of this piece is from as far back as 2011 with Raven and Javier Mendizabal. And the rest of the footy is all in the last year or 3. Stoked to get a few clips with Ronnie Sandoval, he is incredible and his handstanders are top shelf. As well as sweet stunt moves and crashes by Zarosh, Roger Mihalko, and Cedric Pabich, anyway, enjoy the riprides. Completely original score for this piece via Randy Randall, script Sergej Vutuc ,ummmmmm. Also if you want to watch the full 57 minute version of #yeoldedestruction , click here. It is there for all to see for free, forever, however long that is.—Thomas Campbell

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