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Watch this complete interview with 5X World SUP Surfing champion Izzi Gomez from the first installment of the APP World Tour’s Immersed TV.  Izzi talks about her early days, winning and her recent World Title.

Izzi Gomez & Dave Boehne Chat About Winning 5 World Titles

In this interview from the APP World Tour’s inaugural episode of Immersed TV, Infinity SUP coach & brand leader, Dave Boehne, talks with 5X SUP Surf World Champion Izzi Gomez about her climb to the top. Izzi began with her first world title in Huntington Beach, CA when she was 15 years old. She is quite a different athlete and competitor today as a seasoned vet with FIVE World Championships under her belt.

Barbados unleashed “the most impressive women’s SUP Surfing anyone’s ever seen…”
– Dave Boehne

The duo discuss Izzi’s recent win at the Barbados Pro in November 2019 where, in a sudden turn of events, Izzi captured her 5th golden ring to make her the most winningest woman in the history of SUP surfing. The event itself brought waves that elevated performance of the sport to a whole new level. Izzi and the other women, including ISA champion Shakira Westdorp, 2018 World Champ Iballa Moreno and other fierce contenders brought their A-game to Soup Bowls on Barbados’ East Coast, raising the bar for women’s SUP the world over.

“I feel that the level of surfing that was on display there for both men & women was next levels.” – Izzi Gomez

Izzi dominated for the women, fending off top level performances from Vania Torres, Iballa Moreno and others. Sean Poynter put the crowd on notice with his electrifying style and powerful snaps for the men. Overall, it was quite a show.

We look forward to seeing what this year’s World Tour holds for contestants once the racing and surfing season get under way.  The APP plans to hold their first event in Osaka, Japan for SUP racing on September 25th – 27th, 2020. The SUP Surfing World Tour kicks off in Cascais, Portugal on October 4th – 10th, 2020.  Full details are below.

2020 SUP Racing World Tour

1.  Osaka SUP Open, Japan:  25th – 27th September
2. Gran Canaria ProAm, Spain:  27th – 29th November
3.  Paris SUP Open, France:  4th – 6th December

2020 SUP Surfing World Tour

1. Cascais ProAm, Portugal:  4th – 10th October
2.  Barbados Pro, Barbados:  10th – 15th November
3. Gran Canaria ProAm, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria:  24th November – 1st December

Stay stoked and stay tuned for the updates as they unfold for the 2020 APP World Tour!

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