Technically it’s been one week since our last quarantine watchlist, although the concept of time is becoming more abstract by the minute. These quarantine hours have a way of blending together, and I have a feeling that when this is all over, the era of COVID-19 will have felt like one extremely long day — one were we forgot to shower and never got around to putting on pants.

It ain’t over yet, unfortunately, but at least we’ve got a fresh batch of high-quality, quarantine-boredom-busting surf films in the meantime. This week our staff recs include a nugget of British surf comedy in “The Outrider”, and bit of meditative surf cinema in “Join the Dance”, and a beer-soaked VHS tape of “What’s Really Goin’ Wrong” that was transferred to YouTube by the …Lost crew (it probably won’t stay up long, so press play while you can).

Check out the full list of staff picks below, and click here for Volume I of our weekly quarantine watchlist.

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