Last month we spoke with Tanner Gudauskas about the Paradise Awareness Outreach Project, wherein Gudauskas livestreams classic surf flicks and interviews their stars (or creators). Two weeks later and Gudauskas is still going strong, having interviewed 16 of surfing’s biggest names, including Dane Reynolds, Taylor Steele, Lisa Andersen, Shane Dorian and Kelly Slater.

While every conversation has been epic, when Gudauskas jumped on the phone with Slater via Instagram Live, the verbal gold really flowed. In the hour-long chat, Slater covered a ton of ground, reflecting on everything from dysfunctional surfboard design (“The narrowest, most f’ed up dimensions I ever got was 6’1″ x 17 1/8“ x 2″ thick. I’ll never forget how bad it felt.”), wishing he surfed for Gotcha as a teenager, sleeping in cat shit at Richard Woolcott’s Newport Beach apartment, witnessing a wild car accident, and so much more. Click play above to watch Gudauskas and Slater’s conversation in full, and scroll below for the rest of the Outreaches.

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