While we all have a unique point of view when it comes to our preferences in on hill eyewear, we can definitely agree that seeing clearly is paramount when in the mountains. To this end, SNOWBOARDER took two pairs of our favorite goggles to Timberline Resort on Mount Hood, Oregon last summer with Danny Kass and Isabella Gomez in tow, in order to put these frames (or lack thereof) through the paces in a variety of light conditions. After a week lapping the Palmer Snowfield, it was easy to see that the below goggles feature advanced technology for discerning variations in terrain, no matter the conditions, and are adaptable on-the-go with easy lens swapping, too. This is the 2021 Goggle Exam. – Mary T. Walsh

Tech Highlights:

– EXV+ Frameless Design (Expansion View Technology)
– Toric VIVID lenses with Optics by ZEISS
– Quick-Change Magnetic-Assisted Lens System

MSRP: $270
Website: www.giro.com

GIRO says:

Designed specifically for the core rider, including park riders, pipe riders, backcountry riders and both men and women.


If seeing is believing, we’re disciples of the Giro Contour, a new 2021 addition to Giro’s goggle roster that combines streamlined style with an expansive field of view. To achieve an ultra-wide POV, Giro employed their Expansion View Technology, or EXV+ Frameless Design, which is a proprietary, semi-spherical lens curvature that allows for a wider purview than ever before. Of course, clarity, contrast, and definition are enhanced via Giro’s Toric VIVID lenses with optics by Zeiss, the brand’s patented lens tech that enhances on-snow surroundings without color oversaturation while improving reaction time and reducing eyestrain. To meet the demands of changing light conditions, the Contour features Giro’s Quick-Change Magnetic-Assisted Lens System, a new feature that uses self-locating magnets for lightning-quick lens replacement and secure hold once the lens is in place. Add in a plush feel against your face and helmet compatibility and the Contour has the style and function needed for a season of seeing clearly. Plus, it’s been put to the test both in and out of bounds by Darcy Sharpe, Gabe Ferguson, and Sebbe De Buck—a hard-charging trio that demands peak performance from their eyewear.

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