For 2021, it is clear that the boot and binding makers in snowboarding have collectively put their best foot forward by putting the experience of your feet at the forefront of their dedicated designs. Comfort, customization, and control are paramount in this selection of our favorite new bindings and boots, and after a week at Mount Hood putting each piece of gear through the paces at Timberline Resort, we can confidently say that each brand’s meticulous technology and features work together cohesively in pursuit of the best carving experience possible. Staying connected to your board is about much more than tightening a few screws—quick response and long-lasting comfort come down to the cohesiveness of your boot, bindings, and board. So, check out the 2021 edition of SNOWBOARDER’s Two Feet of Fresh and perhaps you will find the boots and bindings that will give your season a leg up, even when you’re going downhill. – Mary T. Walsh

Tech Highlights:

– Shadowfit Technology
– Minima 3D Highback
– Shadow Lite Strap

MSRP: $350

Two Feet of Fresh Salomon Highlander

Photo Credit: Mark Clavin

Salomon says:

Highlander is our medium+ flexing Shadow Fit binding designed for all-mountain performance.


When designing the Highlander, Salomon applied all of their top-of-the-line tech in order to create a lightweight binding that excels on the entire mountain. It’s clear they’ve succeeded, as the Highlander is a team favorite, ridden by Louif Paradis, Wolle Nyvelt, and Tommy Gesme. High tech and lightweight, this binding is at home on the feet of individuals who prize quick and comfortable response that elevates their boot-to-board connection. In order to accomplish this, the Highlander employs Salomon’s popular Shawdowfit Technology, a soft heel cup design that offers a natural connection and reduces pressure points, while allowing weight leveraging that enhances turning, tweaking, and pressing. The Minima 3D Highback is a durable, 3D-molded highback that has fine-tuned power and perfect flex. Canted footbeds feature Salomon’s lightest and softest EVA for cushioning and comfort, too. Secure response is paramount when strapped into the Highlander, thanks to the Shadow Lite Strap, which is durable, incredibly lightweight, and supportive. All in all, these bindings are lightweight and responsive for a reliable riding experience, day in and day out. They say that there can only be one, but in the case of the Salomon Highlander, we’re lucky because there are two, one for each foot.

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