Each year as summer turns into fall, we can rest assured that our favorite companies will release a selection of snowboards designed to enhance our experience on hill. At this point, with the abundance or shapes, lengths, camber profiles, edge and sidecut variations, core designs, and more sustainable materials at an all-time high, it’s possible to get precisely the board you are looking for, whether you’re interested in towrope park laps, early morning pow runs, holding an edge on hardpack, or all of the above and then some. From true twins designed for the jib line to big-nosed powder guns ready to drop in post-storm, to shore and wide decks that are designed for a bit of it all, the hardest decision may be whether you want to add to your selection of situation-specific boards or if a quiver killer is in the cards for your season—maybe the answer is both. To help get you started in your search of what board to add to your stash this winter, here are fourteen of our favorites that run the gamut in size, shape, and style. Mary T. Walsh


• Rock Out Camber
• Ghost Basalt Stringers
• Popster Core
• 12mm Tapered Tail

Sizes: 143, 147, 152, 157
MSRP: $450
Website: www.salomon.com/snowboard

2021 Upper Decks Park Boards Salomon dancehaul


Unisex, sized-down, do-it-all shape. Free-style underfoot with a tapered tail, set-back stance, and tight sidecut.

2021 Upper Decks Park Boards Salomon dancehaul


The Salomon Dancehaul is eye-catching—not only because of its shiny, gold topsheet, but also because of its shape—one look and your mind immediately drifts to pointing it on snow-stacked steeps. The Dancehaul is built short and wide, designed to be ridden at a smaller size to increase float in powder while maintaining quick maneuverability, a nod to the freestyle ethos instilled in this all-mountain annihilator. Salomon’s Rock Out Camber—traditional between the feet and rocker on the tip and tail—adds to the Dancehaul’s playful powder style by prioritizing nimble control while maintaining buoyancy. Salomon has further enhanced the deck’s energetic ride with the Popster Core, strategic variation in the core’s thickness that creates a natural flex that is smooth when turning while remaining extra poppy. Ghost Basalt Stringers sewn into a trial layer keep the Dancehaul damp at high speeds and playful when you’re cruising. Built in sizes ranging from 143 up to 157, this unisex board is accessible for a wide variety of riders; it’s a favorite of Harrison Gordon, Desiree Melancon, and Finn Westbury. In short, the Dancehall is made to charge, making it an ideal stick to take out anytime the urge for a powder ballad hits.

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