Innovation and creativity to make easy-to-use board products are the motto of the Halo Board brand. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, developed since 2005. It is a private company with fast growth and is always willing to listen to customers’ feedback to create the perfect product to meet customer needs.

Halo’s main products include an electric skateboard, hoverboard, and drone with high quality materials and modern designs. Particularly on the skateboard product line, Halo Board brand is rated as the best in the market and is chosen and used by many consumers.

Within the article limit, we will send you a review of the hot product lines of the Halo Board. Keep reading, and you’ll find more interesting things.

Best Skateboards for Girls

The Halo Board is the Best One in the Market

Halo is dominating the electric skateboard industry with its advanced technology. Products are widely used by celebrities such as Martha Stewart, Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Jamie Fox.

The company was awarded the title of the best electric skateboard product in 2017 by Slant, TechGearLabs, and Biz Magazine websites.

Halo Board products are shipped free of charge to customers, equipped with Bluetooth remote and LG fireproof safety batteries for using more than 12 miles. The skateboards are also made of 100% lightweight and extremely durable carbon fiber with an anti-damage coating, high quality, and strong board.

You will also be completely satisfied with the smallest but most potent engines found in the Halo board that provide the enormous capacity to travel at breakneck speeds of up to 22 MPH. Last but not least, you can easily control the Halo board with a smooth braking system for the best balance.

Convenient use in the City

Convenient use in the City

When you are living in the city or on campus you need fast and safe transportation, let’s buy right now Halo board with beautiful electric skateboards, high performance and most reliable. You can use Halo products to move from public transport to private vehicles.

Thanks to its compact design, Halo Board does not occupy storage space and is easy to transport. You also have fast travel speed and powerful battery to use all day long so you can do everything from learning, entertainment, working, eating out without sticking in the traffic jam of big cities.

In short, the Halo Board is a perfect suggestion for convenient transportation in the crowded city where you live.

It’s time to Buy a New Skateboard Board, Halo Board

Buy a New Skateboard Board, Halo Board

Traditional skateboards are not enough to satisfy you with speed, control, convenience and accuracy and ease of carving sharp corners. And your skateboard has been used for a long time. It is the time for you to buy a new one to experience better with durable power and high speed, the Halo board.

You can use this product to surf on the streets, and it brings you a new feeling like skiing down a mountain slope rather than riding a traditional skateboard.

When looking from the outside appearance, Halo board electric skateboard is no different from a regular board, until you use it to slide around the area where you live, feeling the difference.

The Halo board is designed to run on this electric motor that will help you master the safe speed and be more convenient when running on the streets in big cities. Let’s buy Halo board right now to enjoy exciting moments when skateboarding.

New Electric Skateboard for the Future

 Skateboard for the Future

You want to slide like flying on the street with speed, precision and perfect balance in a super-thin light electric skateboard? Get a Halo board, the new electric skateboard for the future.

The company strives to research and innovate for years to create a new generation of Halo Board to become the strongest, lightest and most efficient electric skateboard for the customers.

As mentioned above, you can carve and ride your Halo board, nonstop, up to 12 miles. You run fast without regularly using your feet to push the skateboard, and you can practice skating techniques skillfully and stylishly, as well as moving in the street in a long distance without spending money on gas.

Slowly control Halo board, enjoy every moment of absolute thrill while flying on this product. Do not hesitate to go to the local store to bring home a new Halo board.

Some Halo Board Reviews From Customers

Halo Board Reviews

Customers have experienced Halo board saying they have a unique experience, feeling like floating, surfing, and skiing, all in one. Halo board gives you the ability to carve, cut and tear off the street with the smallest riding movements in the fastest flying speed.

Some customers also rated it very strange and excellent for both riding down the slope and going up steeply extremely quickly with very intense speed. Moreover, some riders recommend you to have a little time to get used to balancing and changing your weight when you accelerate or brake because the Halo board runs quite fast.

Halo board will always listen to the questions and difficulties you encounter in the process of using and solving as well as improving products better.

What you need to do is just buy the product, practice riding to get used to the speed and start making beautiful skill with Halo board.

Are you ready for the new experience and exciting feeling with Halo board? Halo board accompanies you on any road or hill that you want to conquer.

So you have an overview of the Halo board brand, we want to send you our reviews of the latest typical product of this brand, Halo board 2. Let’s get started.

In-depth Review of Halo Board 2

Main features

The product is designed with Japanese T700 carbon fiber, the strongest and lightest material for perfect weight distribution. The product weighs 14 lbs, so it is very light and sturdy.

The product is durable, indestructible thanks to the coating to help prevent damage. Riders up to 286 lbs can use this board comfortably, without worrying about problems arising from the structure of the board.

Halo Board 2

The manufacturer equips this product with dual center motor, a total capacity of 3000 W, integrated into its center closest to the handle. Each 83mm wheel with 78A softness on either side of the board will be controlled by a motor.
The wheel also helps stabilize the board when traveling on rough roads because it can absorb the impact quite well. You don’t need to be afraid of damaged boards in mild, wet environments because the manufacturer is equipped with 100% water-resistant wheels along with the waterproof electrical components of the board.

It has a very lovely Bluetooth remote control with essential functions to manage your direction and speed. The remote has an ergonomically design that makes handling and using it quite easily.

You will love the small LCD screen that displays some indicators like ride speed, battery life, remote battery life, and signal strength.

The handle on the board, located on the top edge, has many utilities. When you need to carry the board around, you can put it under your arm, holding it firmly when moving.

LG certified fire-safe batteries are carefully attached underneath the board, providing you more safety when using Halo board 2. The product is sold with remote, battery charger, user manual.

Impressive black in a modern design and high quality

Halo Board black

The product has a beautiful black color, round edges, and sleek design. Your feet will be held in place thanks to the deck with a good grip and the high-quality bottom of the 91cm deck.

Also, the manufacturer cleverly hides the battery, so the entire lower part of the board is very sleek. You can be satisfied with the excellent and smooth board wheels, the adjustable aluminum trucks for tightening and loosening.

This product is tested by Halo for a long time to ensure long-term durability for users. The manufacturer also encourages user reviews of the product, and you can visit the Halo brand website for comments, suggestions, and questions. We believe that you will have appropriate and timely support from Halo board team.

High speed and long distance usage

Halo Board Speed

With Halo Board 2, you can comfortably reach 22 miles per hour, feeling very fast when you are very close to the ground. You can keep this speed even when going up the hill due to the massive torque of the 3000W motor.

It can be used at 25-degree hills, but you can slide even higher places. You can use Halo Board 2 for about 12 miles per charge, an average distance of electric skateboard in this price range.


Your safety is the top priority of Halo brand when designing boards. Your life is guaranteed with the system of regenerative braking that increases the battery whenever you brake. Also, to ensure safety during your downturns, this eABS system of Halo Board 2 can help the board not to accelerate beyond control.

With Halo Board 2 product line, the manufacturer keeps improving the safety by using LG batteries certified with UL, undergoing many tests to ensure user safety even when traveling up and down any hill. At the same time, the product has a circuit board with a system to control the speed and track downward speed, so you don’t lose your management of Halo Board 2 in that case.

When you need to avoid some objects like car or animal abruptly, you can use the remote control with microsensors to accurately transmit all signals instantly to your Halo skateboard, allowing you accelerate, brake and change into reverse immediately.

The product is suitable for users aged 10 and older. If you are afraid your child will quickly fall out of the board, you should buy them fitting elbow, helmet and knee pads.


  • Halo Board 2 has a beautiful, attractive and stylish product design.
  • This product has the powerful 3000-watt in-hub motors, batteries and components that certify durability.
  • It is produced in perfect structure, light and durable material.
  • You are completely satisfied with the high performance and extended range use.
  • You can carry it easily with the handle as well as the material that makes the product extremely light.
  • It has a convenient remote control, even for beginners. The remote is compact and fits in your palm.
  • The maximum product speed is faster than a normal hoverboard and other skateboards.
  • You can use this board easily or push it when the battery runs out without difficulty.
  • It provides excellent stability for your surfing, even on the rough road.
  • The product is suitable for heavy riders.
  • Advanced technology brakes help convert kinetic energy for immediate or stored use afterward.


  • It is a high-class product, so the price is quite high.
  • The charging time is relatively long, about 3 hours for 12-mile distance.
  • The speed acceleration is quite noisy, even if you forget it when you’re enjoying the high speed.

Is Halo Skateboard a Suitable Product for Your Surfing Hobby?

Halo Board currently occupies the No. 1 position in a big and fierce competition market for the electric skateboards because of its beautiful look, reasonable prices and the reliability of craftsmanship.

It can be said that the combination of fast speed, stylish design, comfort, and perfect detail makes Halo Board the best electric skateboard in 2017. If you want to invest in a durable electric skateboard to use for a long time, high capacity for convenient travel, then the Board of Halo brand is a perfect choice for you.

Are you interested in the feeling of wind flowing through your face and hair, your intestines tighten, your legs will be slightly weak when you touch the board? Then, it is an unforgettable new experience with great products of Halo board.

Now, it’s time to go shopping for your new Halo electric skateboard. And you can try Halo Board 2, remember to leave a comment on the quality and experience of the product with us.

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