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Watching Bobo Gallagher in his film “A Boy’s Journey Crossing the Alenuihaha” is like witnessing the quintessential waterman’s quest and rite of passage of an extraordinary individual. Cinematic power, energy and passion all combine to tell the epic journey of 11-year-old Bobo choosing to cross one of the world’s most dangerous channels on his wing & foil.  It’s a tale about community, strength and perseverance, all notable characteristics for one so young in age, but not – as we see – in spirit.

The Alenuihaha, Bobo and a Wing:  A Hero’s Journey

“Let the Ocean tell you that it’s OK to go.”
– Archie Kalepa

A Boy’s Journey: Crossing the Alenuihaha was released in a live premiere on Maui and across YouTube on November 27th, 2020. This film showcases Bobo Gallagher in his 49.67-mile crossing of this legendary channel on his wing & a foil. Bobo’s friends and family surrounded the young waterman to celebrate the film’s release on opening night in a community gathering that spoke of the spirit of their belief in him.

“I really want this film to show how much I really love growing up and living in Maui and in Hawaii,” Bobo says.  “Hawaiian culture is cool and channel crossings are an important part of that from a long time ago and still today. The early Hawaiians used the wind to cross the channels just like I do today. That’s inspiring!”

As most athletes who take on an extraordinary task can tell you, it’s not always about achieving the goal, but who you become in the process. Bobo’s film, “A Boy’s Journey: Crossing the Alenuihaha” is certainly a tale about preparing one’s self, training and challenge. But, as we see in the film above, it is equally a triumph for the community of Maui who helped raise the young athlete into the waterman is he today. It may have only taken young Bobo 4 hours and 6 minutes to complete his journey, but it is his lifetime commitment to watersports that makes this film so powerful.

Bobo’s Equipment for Alenuihaha Crossing

Featuring Bobo’s custom-sized 3’2 Fanatic Sky Wing Foil board and 3.3 meter Duotone Echo Wing, this 39-minute film showcases the newest innovations in watersports alongside the beauty & topography of the Hawaiian island chain’s legendary channels. It unveils Bobo’s grit and strength of character. And, it highlights the very community that made him so.

Beautifully shot & produced by Amanda Beenen Cantor (@sweetwaterhawaii ), this film will live as a testament to “what it takes to build a waterman”.

Stay tuned for Standup Journal’s exclusive interview with Bobo Gallagher in the SPRING 2021 issue our print magazine, on newsstands March 15th!

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