dsc_9159_legendeLongboard trucks play an important role in the overall way the Longboard rides. The feel of the Longboard is significantly changed based on the sort of truck that is utilized. This is why, choosing the best Longboard trucks for your style of riding  is important in building the ideal board set up.

High-quality Longboard trucks are going to enable the rider to effortlessly control the direction of their Longboard & their speed. They’ll enable a skateboarder to effortlessly weave through pedestrians on the town sidewalk, jump off of the curve & carve downhill prior to coming to a rapid stop at an intersection.

Key Components of a Longboard Trucks


Baseplate: It is the flat part of the truck, which connects to the skate deck. It’s installed to the deck through 4 or 6 mounting slots. The baseplate is intended to offer even pressure & a secure hold for the board truck.

Kingpin: It is the most essential part of the truck. It’s a large bolt which holds the whole truck together. Don’t worry, most kingpins are easily replaceable. If they break, you don’t need to purchase a new Longboard truck.

Bushings: These components are developed to affect the way the Longboard reacts to the rider. They give cushion between different switching parts as they twist & turn while on the ride. Boards have 2 bushings every truck that means there are 4 in total. They are come with varying hardness. The harder the board bushing, the more resistance the Longboard will offer to rider input.

Risers: Risers is the optional part of the truck. It can be added to raise the Longboard higher off the ground & to boost shock resistance. This component comes in different thicknesses & is secured between the deck & the baseplate.

Hanger: It is a T-shaped aluminum alloy region on the Longboard trucks. That’s where the board wheels are going to connect to the truck. This component of the truck should have direct contact with curbs & rails during grinds. It’s important that the hanger is manufactured from a durable material.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Longboard Trucks


Truck Width: Unlike skateboard trucks, the Longboard trucks are wider. They are available in 2 different widths: 180mm & 150mm.  For the beginner, the most effective way to select the width of truck is to choose the trucks which are close to the width of your board deck.  The standard size on many Longboards is 180mm.  They are awesome for sliding & carving.

Truck Angle: The less angle the board trucks have, the superior they’re for sliding & stability.  The more angles the trucks have, the superior carving performance you’ll get.  For all types of Longboarding, 50-degree trucks are good.

Reverse or Standard Kingpin: Standard kingpin Longboard trucks have the kingpin facing inward.  You will be able to find some standard kingpin trucks, but reverse kingpin trucks are the hottest. Reverse kingpin trucks come with an outward facing kingpin & offer the board better clearance.

When it comes to Longboard trucks, there are many varieties and many options available. Research is needed in order to recognize the truck, which is right for your style and needs. However, when you discover the truck that performs for you, you’re going to discover your performance on the Longboard increase & you’ll enjoy your riding encounter even

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