Let the season on Djerba begin! Arrival at the new destination, construction of the station and the first kite session

The new destination on Djerba is ready for the first guests! A colourful team will take care of the last preparations and requests on site, consisting of:

  • Oswaldo, our station manager and local from Brazil.
  • Lonia and Linus, freshly back from Zanzibar.
  • Gabi, who usually lives in Cape Verde and now takes care of the well-being of the guests, but is also the contact person for every topic on site.
  • Soufiene has been kite instructor on Djerba for 5 years and trains our guests on site.
  • Achraf also lives on Djerba and has a lot of experience as a trainer and sports instructor in hotels and beach clubs. He will be our “Beach Boy” at the kitesurfing center to support our guests in all aspects of kitesurfing. He would like to learn kitesurfing and is currently practicing to work as a kitesurfing instructor as well, and
  • Jürgen from the KiteWorldWide team, responsible for marketing and product management.

In this blog you get an insight into the trip to Djerba, the preparations for the season start, the KiteWorldWide Village and the first kite session in the lagoon. What else you can do and experience on Djerba, you can learn in the following guide: Djerba Holidays for Active Kitesurfers

Das KiteWorldWide Team Djerba sitzt auf dem Rasen des Hotels und ist Zufrieden mit der getanen Arbeit

The journey begins for Oswaldo in Brazil, from where he flies from our destination in Tatajuba via Fortaleza to Frankfurt. There he meets Jürgen, Loni and Linus, who arrived by train from Hamburg to fly to Djerba together with Tunis Air. Besides some sights in Frankfurt, there is a lot to see and discuss with Oswaldo. Only a few months ago Lonia and Linus worked together with Oswaldo in Brazil and became good friends.

All three have never been to Djerba before, so the faces are all the more enthusiastic after arriving on the beautiful peninsula, only 2.5 hours away from Germany. On the spot they meet Gabi, who arrived a week before to get things rolling; the list of tasks is long!

After the journey and an extensive breakfast the assembly of the brought kite material begins directly, fortunately the golf luggage is free with Tunis Air, accordingly much was taken along.

The new kites from Core and Flysurfer will be prepared for the training, including the Nexus and Viron3 with KiteWorldwide branding; the boards and bars will be assembled and screwed together. KiteWorldWide flags are hoisted and after the well-deserved, typical Tunisian lunch it’s time to go kiting for the first time.

After a 15-minute ride we start: Put the material to the acid test and enjoy the first session together in the big, shallow lagoon. Our two locals Soufiene and Achraf will also be there, together with Oswaldo, Loni and Linus they will look after the guests at schools and during the day.

Everyone is enthusiastic about the smooth water in the lagoon and shows impressive tricks. No signs of exhaustion because fortunately Djerba is just south of Germany with only one hour time shift. When it gets dark all go together and happy from the water, what a productive day!

This has to be celebrated with a delicious tea of the local kind as we know it from our stations in Egypt, Dakhla and Essaouira. Also the Shisha is not to be missed if you sit together comfortably in the oriental ambience and review the great moments together.

We are planning the next days with a relaxed round, there is still a lot to organize until the opening of our new KiteWorldWide destination on Djerba.

Directly in the first week we are fully booked and welcome 20 beginners and intermediates from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On the next day already new tasks wait for our team locally. Visiting the local market and buying sports equipment for windless days is on the agenda. Hopefully there will be another kite session, says Linus Erdmann.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon to Djerba! 

 Join us live and watch the video of Lonia and Linus getting here and setting up the kite, and see some nice pictures of our accommodation, the KiteWorldWide village Djerba..


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