If you aren’t yet familiar with BC-based artist Emily Hamilton, consider this your introduction, because you do not want to miss out anymore on her intricate and thoughtful drawings. You have likely seen her illustration of a skeleton hopelessly waiting by the mailbox that was the art for The Uninvited, an example of her imaginative take on the organic. Her pieces, brilliantly colored animals that stare directly at the viewer, skeltons intertwined with plantlife, detail-driven creatures that she creates, and a universe of interwoven flora and fauna that is always beautiful and at times, also brooding (like the painting of a rabbit wearing a lucky foot around his neck or the stoic-looking snake-surrounded crow that appears on the board graphic she designed for Revelstoke shop, Society Snow & Skate). Emily’s style is unmistakable but far from one note, as one can see in her social feed so many entrancing images–from pen and ink drawings to paintings to tattoo designs–that are all equally captivating. Our advice, start following @emilyhamilton and pick up a print asap. – Mary Walsh

Instagram: @emilyhamilton

Hometown: Revelstoke, BC

Home mountain: Not so much mountain per se, more of a valley. Asessippi, “Manitoba’s adventure paradise”.

Preferred medium(s): Pen and ink, mostly! I use tattoo ink for colour, I find it’s way more vibrant than watercolour.

One tool of your craft that you cannot do without: My eraser is very important!

Favorite subject matter (in general and/or currently): Skulls (human/animal/alien), bones, birds, snakes, anything organic!

All-time favorite snowboard graphic: As far as my favourite board graphic… Hmm, that’s a tough one! I would have to say 2017-2018 Geeves pro model from Dinosaurs Will Die is one that stands out. Both the top sheet and the base really pop; love the style and originality! 

Do you listen to music or anything when you make art? If so, what: If I want to get into a creepy mood, definitely Timber Timbre. They’re self-titled album is really good. A lot of Future Islands, Foxwarren, Frankie and the Witch fingers, etc.

Advice on how to get over a creative block: Honestly, sometimes I just take a step back. I encounter this problem lots! I find that I just get really frustrated if I try and force it. I usually just wait it out and something will randomly pop into my brain. Go out boarding and think on it!

Artists that influence/inspire your work: So, so many! To name a few, Lauren Marx @laurenmarxart, Kelsey Ellis @honeybasiltattoo, and Iain Sellar @iainsellar

Any cool collabs, work, galleries, projects, etc. that you’ve done (or that you’re working on currently) that you’d like to share: I designed The Uninvited graphic that ultimately got put on a custom house Union binding. Jess gave me such a rad opportunity. I was really lacking confidence in my art at that time, she definitely helped break me out of that shell. I’ve also done a lot of cool collabs through working at my local skate shop, Society Snow & Skate. We’ve put together a skate graphic, a board graphic with Wired Snowboards, and a mitt graphic with Salmon Arms is currently in the works!

Where can people purchase your art:
I am hugely an amateur and don’t actually have a website, haha. I do however make prints of my work and usually have some available for purchase through Instagram. You just gotta slide into the DM! I post updates of what I have available, but can also take special requests and I am pretty open to commission work.

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