Asher Pacey’s silky smooth style is a welcome sight, as his surfing is always so perfectly paced and placed. And so his shredding in this edit — from his first-ever jaunt down to the south coast of his home country — comes as no surprise. However, when world champion kneeboarder Chayne Simpson’s cameo starts at around 2:15 seconds, you’ll be hitting pause and rewind. Was that a full-rail hack? A backside finner? A lofty straight air? Sure, we’ve all seen kneeboarders shred and get tubed, but have you ever seen this type of attack? Click play to watch Pacey, former ‘CT-er Kai Otton and Simpson rip into a few dreamy days along the South Coast of Australia. Three very different approaches to surfing, but the contrasting styles make for an entertaining edit.

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