North Shore longboard queen Honolua Blomfield is style incarnate. The progeny of Oahu surf royalty, the decorated regularfoot’s surfing is unimpeachably pleasing, aesthetically speaking; she surfs with poise, grace, technical prowess, and surprising power given her rangy, angular frame. Meanwhile, at just 21 years old, Blomfield’s competitive dominance–two world titles and a handful of Duct Tape Invitational wins–has rendered her arguably peerless in the longboard scene. 

Fitting then, given the above CV, that award-winning photographer and filmmaker Morgan Maassen would want to train his lens on Blomfield. The new short, titled plainly “Honolua”, pairs surf cinema auteur with young phenom. Maassen’s eye for serene and captivating imagery finds Blomfield surfing ever so perfectly, while reflecting on her competitive success shortly after earning the second of two world titles before she was even of legal drinking age. 

Click play to familiarize yourself with the talented, high-achieving and peerless Honolua Blomfield. 

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