Longest grind ever? Well, at the very least, this is definitely one of (if not the) longest rails San Diego has to offer, and Braden Hoban locked in and took the ride! This had to feel amazing.

Braden is a beast and this rollercoaster of a handrail never had a chance once he set his eyes on it. Just look at that thing! You start wondering what’s going to happen once he starts picking up speed near the middle of it…some of these attempts had to be pretty dicey.

The clip on Instagram was just a teaser, but still gives you an idea. All those different angles really show you just how much of a beast this thing is. That said, we know the full version needs to be seen, so you can watch that below! Take the time to watch it all the way through. Relentless effort pays off!

Tricks like this are often a process, as you can see above. It’s admirable to see him remain so calm under such heavy circumstances. Just to Ollie onto a rail this high is impressive — that’s the battle — but remaining locked in and balanced is the war. We’re stoked that Braden came out victorious! Making history in the San Diego streets no less.

Video / @noguf @rhino @bradenhoban

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