A bunch of water at the skatepark is never fun…unless you’re Daewon Song. Where most would see an ended session, Daewon sees opportunity. Time and time again.

For decades Daewon has been creating magic on his skateboard, pulling tricks out of his bag that are impossible to understand. This is no different. But it’s the fact that he is clearly just messing around, having as much fun as he ever has while doing them that really makes him that much more of a legend. I mean, really…who in your crew could ever pull off something like this?!

@daewon1song The fact of me failing and these kids being so hyped !! Makes this a land for me 😂🙏🏽❤️!! #skateboarding #adidas ♬ Good Days – SZA

These kids got a front row seat to some truly amazing skating right here, and their screams are completely justified. Someone in the comments mentioned, “I’m not a kid but I’d still be screaming!” and you can guarantee I’d be doing the same. There’s a good chance these kids will remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

Daewon’s TikTok is by far one of the best accounts on the app (whether you’re a skater or not!) and if you have some time to kill, I’d suggest checking it out. This is barely scratching the surface! If you like what you see here, dive in. You can thank me later.

Video / Daewon Song

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