No question about it. CBD is the hottest product in the wellness world and fitness enthusiasts are using it to reduce inflammation, recover faster and manage daily anxiety. You may have already heard of oils, gummies and lotions but 100 Coconuts has taken the CBD game to the next level with the launch of its 100 Coconuts + CBD coconut water.

The natural product has two ingredients—pure coconut water and 20mg of Pharma-Grade CBD—excluding preservatives and non-GMO coconuts. Sounds like a win-win to us.

100 Coconuts

How To Keep It One Hundred With 100 Coconuts + CBD


If you are looking to up your workout routine and want a faster a recovery. Adding CBD to your daily routine can help you achieve that goal. 100 Coconuts + CBD has 20mg of CBD to give you a natural chill, while your body recovers for a next day gains.


Not only will 100 Coconuts + CBD help you stay hydrated after a good workout, but it actually tastes good and is made with natural ingredients. The perfect combo.


Feeling stressed? Yea, we all are. CBD is proven to help reduce anxiety and 100 Coconuts + CBD contains 0% THC so it won’t get you high, but it will help you catch some well needed R&R.

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100 Coconuts

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