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10 Female Skateboarders Who Are Changing The Sport


For decades, men dominated skateboarding. Women were discouraged from joining the games and then discriminated when they did. However, they kept pushing through all barriers and making important steps toward equality.

Nowadays, female skateboarders are on the rise. Although their coverage, rewards, and sponsorships are still fewer than those of male players, they are changing the sport for the better. Who are those amazing women and what progresses are they bringing? Let’s take a look!

Women In The History Of Skateboarding

Women In The History Of SkateboardingSkateboarding was born in the late 1940s in America. It started to get popular by the 1960s. Up to that time, the sport was still exclusive for men. Female skateboarders made their first official debut in 1965 when Patti McGee’s handstand photo made the cover of Life.

By the 1970s, a few more professional female skateboarders joined the field but the number was negligible. In many championships and teams, there was no girl at all. The Z-Boys crew had only one female member who is the legendary Peggy Oki.

The girls only got more attention in the 90s. Players like Cara-Beth Burnside and Jaime Reyes started to become kids’ inspiration. Sadly, they were still left out in big skateboarding events and competitions such as X-Games.

That was changed in the early 2000s when ESPN introduced girls’ demo stand at the X-Games. People started to argue that skateboarding required more skills rather than strengths. Consequently, girls could be just as good, or even better than boys in the sport. Nonetheless, the rewards for women were trivial compared to men’s and the challenges were still ahead.

In recent years, female skateboarders are finally getting the spotlight that they deserve. Famous brands are giving them serious sponsorships and collaborations. They are everywhere in the press. Many have become important members of their teams just like their male peers.

Despite various improvements, equality has not been reached. Articles about female skateboarders are usually sexualized for entertainment rather than focused on their skills and achievements. On average, they are paid less than men. In 2013, Nyjah Huston still said: “Skateboarding is not for girls at all”.

Nevertheless, we can believe in a bright future. The female skateboarder community is growing stronger and stronger. This year, women will compete alongside men in the first Olympic skateboarding games.

Now, let’s find out more about the names that have brought us to this new era in skateboarding history.

Best Female Skateboarders Around The World

1. Patti McGee

Patti McGeeWhen talking about the evolution of skateboarding, it is impossible to not mention Patti McGee. She was the first woman brave enough to step into the all-male zone and became the first professional female skateboarder in the world.

She was the pioneer who paved a path for all girls with skateboarding passion. In 1965, she won the first National Skateboard Champion for women. Patti McGee was also the first female to earn a place in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

Her hand-stand picture on the cover of Life magazine had made history. It was a shout-out that skateboarding was not made solely for men. Moreover, McGee toured around America to talk about her passion and inspired many young girls to get their first skateboards.

2. Peggy Oki

Peggy OkiPeggy Oki is another badass girl that challenged all stereotypes in women skateboarding. She was the only woman in Z-boys crew, a team full of boys back in the 1970s. Along with her male teammates, Oki created a phenomenon of freestyle skateboarding that had never seen before.

The Z-boys was so successful that Hollywood made a movie about them in which Oki appeared in 2001. The team successfully made the name Peggy Oki heard everywhere. It became a symbol that female skateboarders can play alongside male players as their equal.

Besides, Oki achieved many other titles on her own. In 1975, she won first prize in Women’s Freestyle at the Del Mar Nationals skateboarding competition. She made it into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame as well.

3. Cara-Beth Burnside

Cara-Beth BurnsideTalking about personal achievements, Cara-Beth Burnside has the most impressive records among female skateboarders in the late 90s and early 2000s. She has won more than 16 titles including X Games, Vans Triple Crown, and Slam City Jam.

Her success made her the first woman to have her own signature skate shoe line. In the time when sponsorships for female skateboarders were rare, this is a big step forward.

However, the most important thing is done for all the girls back then was the founding Action Sports Alliance. The non-profit organization aimed to support professional female skateboarders and females in other action sports. Many recognized female skateboarders today still say their idol and inspiration is Cara-Beth Burnside.

4. Elissa Steamer

Elissa SteamerHaving just as many personal awards as Cara-Beth Burnside, Elissa Steamer has her own way of changing skateboarding for the better.

She had significant parts in a series of famous videos including Toy Machine and Welcome to Hell. Her exposure brought attention not only to female skateboarders but also to a new trend in skateboarding.

She was also the first woman to have a playable skater role in Tony Hawk’s video game. Steamer has brought a new wave of motivation for skateboard-fonding girls. Turning 45 in 2020, she still going on strong with her passion with no sign of stopping.

5. Lucy Adams

Lucy AdamsBorn in London, Lucy Adams told Hypebea female skateboarding was not even a thing in the late 90s. Skateboarding was intimidating for girls when she was growing up but she decided to not let the fact stop her.

Lucy Adams has been one of the most popular among British skaters for many years. She won several Girls UK Skate Jam and UK Skateboard. Besides, she delivers skate sessions for female players so that they can be more confident in skate parks.

Now, she is part of the Great Britain skateboarding team for the 2020 Olympic. To say she has contributed greatly to the UK’s skateboarding scene is not an exaggeration.

6. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins

Lyn-Z Adams HawkinsTo the young skateboarders in the USA, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins is a more familiar name. She was and still is in the center of the female skateboarder group. Just like Steamer, she was the second female to be featured in Tony Hawk’s skateboard game.

In 2013, Lyn-Z became the first women to skate the intimidating DC Mega Ramp. She was also the first female to successfully perform a 540 McTwist. Hawkins has encountered several injuries and obstacles but she always comes back and keeps breaking limit set for women in the game.

7. Lacey Baker

Lacey BakerLacey Baker or Leo Baker is another fierce woman who works hard not only for herself but also or other females in the skateboarding world. Moreover, she also stands up for the LGBT community.

In 2017, Baker became the first queer women to join the Nike team. She designed the first Nike female skate shoes. Baker always frankly talks about gender bias in the industry and her hope to make a change. The professional skateboarder keeps encouraging women to join the game.

In an interview with Vogue in 2018, Baker said that they still had a long way ahead toward equality. However, she has always been hopeful. Baker wanted to use herself as an example that people should be recognized by their skill sets, not their appearance.

8. Leticia Bufoni

Leticia BufoniOf course, we have to talk about the current female stars and one of the brightest is Leticia Bufoni e Silva. The Brazil professional skateboarder has won the X-games gold medal 5 times. She appears on almost every list of appreciated female skateboarders you can find.

In 2018, Bufoni was named one of The Most Powerful Women in International Sports. In the same year, she also got into the “30 under 30” list of Forbes Brazil. Leticia Bufoni has become an icon with 3.4 million followers on social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Rising stars like Bufoni are moving female skateboarders from the sidewalk to the spotlight. Over the years, she has cast in several movies, documentaries, and music videos. Women are no longer just “tokens” to make a team or an event look good and inclusive. They have proved that they are worth respect.

9. Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie ArmantoLizzie Armanto is another skateboarder who is creating history at a very young age. At 27, she already earned over 30 titles and currently ranks 9th on The Boardr Global Ranking. In 2018, she was the first woman to conquer The Loop, a 360-degree ramp. Now, she is busy preparing for Tokyo Olympics 2020 with the Finnish national skateboarding team.

Armanto has been given sponsorships by many big brands including Bone Wheels, Birdhouse and G-Shock. She is the face of Vans’ global campaign. Small and limited sponsorships for female skateboarders are becoming a story of the past. Although the gap between male and female skaters’ incomes still exists, it is getting smaller.

10. Sky Brown

Sky BrownThe last and the youngest on this list is Sky Brown. At only 11, this little incredible girl sets out to break all the boundaries. She not only won a Bronze medal in World Championship but also became the first female successfully land a frontside 540.

Brown is considered to be a prodigy. She is going to be the youngest member of the UK Skateboarding team to compete in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Brown is a living proof that there is no such thing as only people in one gender or one certain age can be good at skateboarding. Everything is possible if we dare to give it a chance.

How Female Skateboarders Are Changing The Sport

Female Skateboarders Are Changing The SportAlong with all the amazing names on our list, there are thousands more who are also working on the same course. Slowly but surely, they are making a big difference. There are three common keys to how they can do it.

First of all, they are brave enough to step out of their comfort zone and fight for their equal rights. McGee did a handstand on her skateboard when the game was still all about men. Burnside convinced ESPN to host a girl’s demo stand for girls at the X-Games and then pressure them to even the prizes between male and female players.

Secondly, female skaters are always supportive of each other. Just like Baker, many professional skateboarders motivate young girls to be who they want to be. Some, like Lucy Adam, even set up non-profit organizations and free sessions to help women when they want to advance in skateboarding.

Finally, they never back down or stop. Over the years, hundreds of new records have been made and then broken by women and their skateboards. Older like Steam or super young like Sky Brown, they know what they set out for and that will always keep moving forward.

Changing Skateboarding For The Better

In conclusion, we have to admit that female skateboarders are still the underprivileged in their own field. However, we can all believe in a brighter future. There are strong, talented and resilient women who will never stop pushing barriers and altering the face of skateboarding.

They deserve our respect and support. We can always contribute to their course by attending female skateboarding events, buying their signature products or simply encourage the girls around us to follow their dreams.

In one way, it is not only about changing the skateboarding industry but also about changing the world for the better.


Scooter vs Skateboard: Which Is Better?

Thu, 13 Feb 2020 02:08:22 +0000

Scooter vs Skateboard: Which Is Better?


You don’t need to be a kid to get a kick out of something cool and fancy like a skateboard or a scooter. And ever since the recent popularity of the latter, “Scooter vs Skateboard” has become a common comparison and debate, sometimes even heated.

So how do they compare?

Though serving the same purposes for riders, skateboards and scooters have clearly different designs. The other differences also come from how safe, portable they are or how quick a newbie can pick up the essential skills.

So there is no better way to settle this question than going through each of them.


Both scooters and skateboards have a deck where you can stand on the ride. But apart from that, there are so many differences behind how each type of these sports equipment works.


Design SkateboardsThe board of a typical skateboard is narrow and short with small wheels fixed at each end. They allow the rider to move it while in the crouching or standing position.

There is nothing your hands can get a hold of while riding. The only way for you to steer the board is by using your feet and shifting your weight on the deck.

Though you can use it as a “cool guy” way for going to school, they are mainly designed and intended for leisure and sports without other benefit and purpose.


Design ScooterMeanwhile, scooters, or if we want to use a correct name – electric scooters, are a type of motorized vehicle.

They have (usually) two aligned bigger wheels while there is also a handlebar for steering. While riding scooters, you always put your feet between these wheels.

Usually run by batteries, they have become more popular nowadays, both for relaxation and as a personalized mode of transportation. Scooters have a design resembling usual motorcycles. And some models can carry up to two riders as well!

Power Source


Power source SkateboardsTypically, a skateboard uses only the propelling provided by the feet of the rider to drive it forwards.

As expected from manual pushes, you can’t really get a hide speed with skateboards, unless when going downhill. As a result, the speed range is lower and not suitable for a long commute.

Electric skateboards also have appeared recently on the market, which utilizes an electric motor as the main propulsion force.


Power source ScootersAs we have mentioned, scooters usually use electricity in batteries as their power source. All those batteries are rechargeable, which means you can charge it fully again after draining it after the riding sessions.

No one wants a scooter that can be only used for one ride!

Thanks to this mechanism, scooters also don’t emit smoke or other harmful gases like the vehicles run by petrol or diesel. That’s why they are often the recommendations for those seeking an eco-friendly alternative to their motorbikes in short distances.

But there are also simple scooters using kick pushing just like skateboards. They are less popular than traditional electric models.



MaterialsSkateboards on the market usually have a deck made from wood and rubber wheels. But when the manufacturers attach the wheels to the main body, they use stainless steel parts to do the job, such as bearings.

Skateboards are not designed for heavy loads.

Each board can carry only you on the deck. When trying to test a new fancy trick on rough terrain, make sure that your model is tough enough to handle such movements.


Manufacturers, on the other hand, use mainly aluminium, stainless steel, and other hard metallic materials to build a scooter. Their constructions are generally stronger, resisting better to rough driving conditions and demanding environments.

As a result, scooters can endure greater impacts and last longer compared to skateboards.

See more: All about Scooters



CapacityYou have never seen a skateboard moving with two people on it, haven’t you?

This happens for a reason: skateboards are not intended for more than one person. Even if the designers want, it’d be a challenging problem since moving a skateboard with a rider is already hard and unstable enough.

Imagine when there is someone else on board, how could you sit comfortably and enjoy the ride?


On the other hand, a scooter can provide enough room for two adults, even though you may not see this often.

They also can transport cargo with the same weight as a human. This capability makes electric scooters stand out from skateboards and hoverboards, which can only accommodate comfortably limited weights.

It also opens the doors for other purposes, not only limited to a vehicle for leisure.

Ease of Using

To determine which one is easier to ride, we will consider each movement you are going to perform with them.


RollingIt’s easier to merely ride while rolling with an electric scooter since it’s more stable, thanks to the handlebar. This is not the case with skateboards.

A newbie would easily lose control and balance on bumpy roads. They might even shoot the board forward quickly and fall sideways. That’s why scooters and their stable riding position are safer for those who are new to these sports.


This will take less effort from you on a scooter compared to a skateboard.

You can make tight turns, even with little space with the electric vehicle since there is only one wheel on the front, which you can also steer with the handlebar. This design makes it work like a mini bike when you want to change direction.

On the other hand, making tight turns with a skateboard may make you lose balance. To perform it, you need more time and experience to master the skills required.


SteeringAll you need to do with a scooter is steer the handle slightly. Meanwhile, skateboards require you to press onto the ground with your heel or toes, leaning backwards or forward to make steering. If you don’t really know what you’re doing, losing balance will likely happen.


Since most scooters have a brake – a fender-like part which you can push against the rear wheel. Some models even come with hand brakes like a BMX bike. This makes scooters easier to handle when you need to make a pause or decrease speed.

But even without such brakes, scooters will also be safer.

Thanks to the handlebar, when you use your own foot to do the braking, your hands still have something to hold on. This foot braking method is harder to do on a skateboard and more likely makes you lose balance.

Sliding is also a method to stop a skateboard, but it’s an advanced skill and requires great technique from the rider.


PortabilityIf you want something for your short daily commute, skateboards are more convenient since you can carry it with you into your office or school.

But we can’t rule out scooters that easily.

Many premium scooter models are lighter and foldable, even though they are still bulkier compared to skateboards. When you don’t mind carrying a heavier vehicle, it’s still possible to use it as your daily driver.


LearningScooters are easier to get the hang of for new riders than skateboards.

Scooters are pretty straightforward to hop on and move around. You just need to hold the handlebar and push it or take advantage of the electric motor. Simple tricks such as bunnyhop also don’t take much time to learn.

On the other hand, learning skateboarding may be quite tricky.

There are a lot of skills you need to remember and practice: from kick pushing and keeping the balance to steering and foot braking. We have talked about how keeping control of a skateboard is harder compared to a scooter with a handlebar.

Skateboards may even throw off inexperienced riders when they’re not aware what’re they doing!


SafetySince scooters are easier to ride at the beginning phase, they are also safer, especially for kids.

They usually have a lower center of gravity, which makes the deck closer to the ground. Skateboards use higher decks to help you avoid wheel bite and other obstacles. And this also makes them more unstable.

When rolling downhill, you may face speed wobbles on a skateboard. This is very dangerous and may result in a crash. Thanks to the design of the wheels and the tighter axles, this will never happen to a scooter.

So, Scooter vs Skateboard: Which One Should You Choose?

Using different designs, scooters and skateboards are made for different riders.

While skateboards are more portable for a short ride, they will require more effort from you to master the skills needed. Inexperienced riders also may face more troubles, or even injuries, with a skateboard.

On the other hand, scooters provide a handlebar to help you maintain the balance. Though you can’t expect fancy tricks from it like a skateboard, learning is easier, even for kids.

Final Words

We don’t need to start a war between the communities of sports – skateboards and scooters have their places. Just figure out what you need, and you will find the best way to enjoy the ride with them.

If you find this scooter vs skateboard comparison helpful, please share it with your friends, especially who is either a fan of action sports or just wanting a new way to commute.


Skateboard vs. Snowboard: Which One Comes Out On Top?

Tue, 11 Feb 2020 03:49:48 +0000

Skateboard vs. Snowboard: Which One Comes Out On Top?


The skateboard vs. snowboard comparison is actually tricks for beginners of these action sports. Though sharing a similar shape, they are completely different in other departments, no matter how you look at them.

So how can one make a choice?

To help you with this, we’re going to go thoroughly the design, skills and other requirements every beginner should know before diving into them.


DesignThe deck of a skateboard is typically made from maple plywood with a coating layer of polyurethane for durability and smoothness. There are also two sets of wheels attached under each end of the deck.

Snowboards, on the other hand, have no such wheels.

The general shape of a snowboard looks almost the same. But instead of maple wood, the core of a snowboard is often made from laminated hardwood, such as bamboo, aspen, birch, or beech.

The bottom of this deck is in contact directly with the snow. Typically made from polyethylene, the surface is well waxed to become hydrophobic and smooth, enabling smooth movements.
Apart from the wheels, the most distinct difference in design is the foot position. On a snowboard, your feet are fixed, thanks to the bindings.


Posture and Stance

Posture and StanceThe stance is what makes snowboarding and skateboarding look-alike in action and closely related in skills.

You may call it the “surf stance,” which you stand sideways on board moving forward. Though skateboards are usually shorter than snowboards, the position of your feet is similar: they are shoulder-width apart. But due to the different lengths, on a skateboard, they are closer to the ends of the deck.

On the other hand, the “duck stance” is where things become different.

You don’t stay in this position – feet facing 45º against opposite directions – much on a skateboard. While doing skateboarding movements, they are generally in a parallel position.

Foot Position

Foot positionAnother primary difference is how secured your feet are.

There are bindings on snowboards, which make your feet secured to the board during the ride. This contrasts sharply with skateboarding, where you can freely move your feet as you like. Putting one foot down and pushing it against the ground, you create a propulsion force to move the skateboard forwards.

No free foot position means no movement on skateboards!

This foot position also affects the balancing: snowboards allow you to lean backward or forward without losing its balance. This is not something you can do with a skateboard. The weight of the bindings and your boots also make controlling a snowboard dissimilar to that of skateboards.

Each of them comes with its own good and bad sides.

Riding a snowboard, you don’t need to worry about the foot position. All you need to care about is whether your feet sit tight in your boots, which the bindings already hold firmly.

But this also means when you fall while snowboarding, you can’t really bail out as your feet are tightly fixed to the bindings. Unlike skateboarding, you don’t have the option to move them to regain the balance.

Remember, snowboarding doesn’t allow serious mistakes.

At the end of the day, fixed feet results in better stability, especially at high speeds, but also means serious hazards when something goes wrong. This makes snowboarding more unforgiving, and balancing yourself is also harder to get the hang of than a skateboard.

Slowing Down

Slowing downWhile carving and balancing in basics are not that different, slowing down is a different story.

When you want to slow down or stop a skateboard, you can foot-brake or simply bail before catching up with it. However, due to the lack of any brake, you will need to use the edge of the snowboard itself.

Stopping in this way requires you to master the balancing skills first. As you move downhill, push your toes up or down, making the edges on the respective sides go into the snow and slowing you down until a complete stop.

The stronger the force you create, the quicker the board will stop.


TricksTricks in skateboarding and snowboarding are totally different when it comes to the wheels and the surfaces you’re going to move on.

Since their feet are freer to move on a skateboard, riders have more room to make fancy movements. This enables a wider range of tricks a skateboarder could do.

But all of them require your skills to be on the mark.

As concrete is the most common surface in skateboarding, landing is not an easy task. If your feet fail to fall exactly right on the board, you may lose control, and the trick you expect may result in painful injuries instead.

This fear of a terrible outcome is really a make-or-break for beginners.

It may encourage more practice and carefulness or lead to mental struggles. The thought of falling off the skateboard may limit how a newbie rides it.

This also applies to snowboards to an extent.

As you don’t have the option of jumping out of a snowboard in the midst of a ride, the fate of you and the board go hand in hand. And no one wants to land their butt on the snow in the winter!

A strong mentality is absolutely necessary for advanced skills in any sports. But snowboarding does have the edge over skateboarding in this department since it’d likely hurt you much less with a fall on snow than on a concrete surface.


LearningWe would say skateboarding is more difficult to pick up the essential skills since it may take you more time to get the hang of. Spend a day on snowboarding lessons with a private tutor, and you will grasp the basic skills pretty quickly.

But balancing on a skateboard is really a different beast.

With nothing binding your feet to the board, you may easily get loose of them, knocking yourself off balance. On top of that, there are many other basic transitions, such as mini pipes and ramps, that you need to learn early on in order to have a proper ride in skateparks.

It doesn’t mean snowboarding is easy by any means: you still need a lot of time and effort to master and become more experienced. But when only a basic ride is in the picture, skateboarding requires more from you.

Practice and Cost

Practice and CostGetting into skateboarding won’t cost you much.

A basic set up – a skateboard and some safety equipment – may just cost under $100. This is usually helpful when you need to test the water before committing fully into it. In addition to that, you can find a place to start practicing skateboarding without spending any money.

Receive a skateboard in the morning? You can just kick your first pushes in the afternoon.

Anywhere with a flat surface, from your backyard to even your driveway, can serve as a ground for skateboarding. There are also cities and towns with public mini ramps and skateparks as well. They are usually free and don’t limit the time you can use them.

They allow you to try that kickflip or ollie over and over again without costing a single penny!

In contrast, everything costs a ton with snowboarding. Besides the snowboard itself, you also need other gear like goggles, gloves, and clothes.

And we haven’t started to talk about the cost of traveling to snowboarding sites, which are not readily available like your local skatepark.

Beginners may need to pay up to $1000 for their first session, depending on the actual equipment they have. And you don’t have the luxury of freely trying the same movements as many times as you’d like.


SafetyDifferent environments pose different risks and hazards.

Falling from skateboards onto a concrete ground is certainly more painful, which often happens with beginners. It may lead to bruises or even broken bones. We highly recommend you to take more time before trying high-speed rides or difficult tricks.

And always wear protective gear when possible!

Snowboarding is more forgiving with such falls. However, the environment of mountain ski resorts has other hazards as well. You will never know what is waiting for you under the snowy slopes.

So don’t let confidence blind your eyes and follow all the safety advice.

So Skateboard vs. Snowboard, which Should I Choose?

So Skateboard vs. Snowboard, which should I chooseSkateboards and snowboards are indeed different, from design, skills, learning to cost.

Snowboarding is a more expensive activity and less accessible to most of us. But once you have overcome those issues, it provides an experience like nothing else in the world.

On the other hand, skateboarding is more popular and requires less money from you to dive in. Spend some time to master the basic movements, and you will have a whale of a time with it.

But if they are all within your means, why not both?

Each of them has its place. Try skateboarding in summer and snowboarding in winter, and you could enjoy action sports all year round.

Final Words

If you want to figure out which one would serve you better, put your thoughts into the budget, time, and which movements you like more. Whichever you choose, you will surely have a good time with it.

Let’s bring the game on!

We believe our skateboard vs. snowboard comparison is fairly enough for beginners. If you still have any questions, feel free to write it down in the comment section.


Everything You Need To Know About ABEC 11

Thu, 19 Dec 2019 02:02:09 +0000

Everything You Need To Know About ABEC 11


Do you know about ABEC 11? What do you think about it? For me, I was confused a bit as ABEC is a scale for the tolerance of a ball bearing, and the highest level is only 9. Then, what does ABEC 11 mean? Is it the largest scale for bearings? Let’s find out everything you need to know about ABEC 11 below.

What does ABEC 11 Mean?

What does ABEC11 MeanYou may have heard about ABEC 11 and wonder what it really is. Is it a standard? Or is it a product/ brand name?

You may have heard about ABEC 11 and wonder what it really is. Actually, ABEC 11 is a brand name and this brand name was founded in 2000 by a group of skaters who are team driven, too. They sell mostly longboard wheels in Huntington Beach, CA, and even on Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce webs.

ABEC 11 is considered and reviewed as a great longboard wheels supplier, who majors in these series: ABEC 11 BigZigs, “Classic,” Flashbacks, Flywheels, “Retro,” and Superfly. They have unique technology to produce a wide range of sizes, shapes, and durometers of skateboard types.

ABEC 11 indeed is not a standard because ABEC 9 (we will explain more about this word in the following part) is the largest scale for the tolerances of a ball bearing. Accordingly, in our opinion, ABEC 11 is just a word implying that the product is outstanding and exceeds the common standard. This is also a good way of branding and promoting products widely.

So, ABEC 11 is a brand name of longboard wheels and also a group of skaters based in Huntington Beach, CA.

Is 11 the Highest ABEC Bearing?

Is 11 the Highest ABEC BearingABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee, who developed the scale for the tolerance of ball bearings. This scale is made for manufacturers to produce the bearings which meet the standard of precision in the specified class.

There are totally five levels of tolerances: level 1, level 3, level 5, level 7, level 9. Higher class or level comes with higher precision, efficiency, and speed capability. As a result, ABEC 9 is the largest scale that gives bearings to be the most precise, efficient, and faster.

As you can see, the ABEC scale doesn’t have level 11; instead, the highest one is ABEC 9 and there is an interesting fact behind this. ABEC 11 is just an implying sentence for branding and advertising, which means the quality of the product is beyond the standard.

This proves that their products are all qualified and excellent, with the largest scale for the ball’s tolerance. You should also know that there is no low price for these high-end products.

ABEC 11 is a model far superior than any other bearing with quality exceeding any normal standard.

Is Higher ABEC Better?

Is Higher ABEC BetterAs mentioned previously, we have five classes that measure bearing precision: ABEC 1, ABEC 3, ABEC 5, ABEC 7, ABEC 9. Technically, higher ABEC shows higher accuracy, efficiency, and speed. However, is it necessarily better when you use the bearings with higher ABEC? In other words, how do you define “better”?

When using high precision bearings, you will see the wheels go smooth and operate at a higher speed than those of standard bearings. But remember, many factors impact the speed of the wheels: loading capability, terrain, and riding environment. If you care about the speed of the wheels than there is more way for you to measure it.

This is to emphasize that precise bearings don’t make the wheels go faster. They can only allow the machinery to operate at a higher speed than standard bearings can do. Some people think that the highest precision bearings offer extreme speed, but the truth is not. Every standard bearing has a limit speed, while higher ABEC only increases efficiency and accuracy.

What about ABEC 11 products? They are all marked with ABEC 9, which means they have the highest precision bearings. This allows the wheels to operate at top efficiency and speed capability. Meanwhile, the bearings are made to meet the highest standard of tolerance and show the best performance.

Is ABEC 11 an excellent product? Yes, it is. But is it better when you use ABEC 11 instead of ABEC 3 or ABEC 1 bearings skateboards? ABEC 11 is indeed a great product, but unless you are a professional skater, you shouldn’t go for it. Because this series is most suitable for experts, professionals, or wealthy people.

Dimensional specifications are just the numbers, and they are only correct under certain conditions. Then, if you are not an expert, you will hardly feel the difference when riding the ABEC 11 bearings skateboard and the ABEC 3 one. More things can affect the quality of bearings, and they will also impact your experience more than the ABEC scale can do.

Therefore, regarding dimensional specifications, the larger ABEC scale offers better quality. But practically, you may ride on the ABEC 3 bearings skateboard and feel better than on the ABEC 11.

How do ABEC Ratings Work?

How do ABEC Ratings WorkBefore going to this part, we must say not all ABEC ratings are necessary for skate application. ABEC 11 is excellent enough for skateboarding thanks to its high quality and performance. Following is what ABEC ratings work.

There are five ABEC ratings, and each of them indicates different specifications:

  • ABEC 1 is similar to ISO P0
  • ABEC 3 is similar to ISO P6
  • ABEC 5 is similar to ISO P5
  • ABEC 7 is similar to ISO P4
  • ABEC 9 is similar to ISO P2

Accordingly, higher ABEC ratings demonstrate more precision of ball bearings. ABEC 11 products (labeled as ABEC 9) work with higher efficiency than those ABEC 5 or 7 products. They give an awesome ride on small cracks, gaps, and rocks on the surface with minimal vibration. If you can feel the bearings, the speed is stunningly at very high performance.

However, there are many factors to be considered when it comes to precision, and we will show you one example: the error of the track in the ring inside bearings. For ABEC 1 scale, the error number is 0.0075 mm; meanwhile, ABEC 9 bearings have an error of only 0.0012 mm. But can we calculate this practically? According to our collective data the higher rating means that the accuracy and precision of the product also increase significantly.

The fact is that you won’t feel those little affections after five to ten minutes riding, and then, $100 ABEC 9 bearings will not be much different from $30 ABEC 1 ones.

Thus, ABEC ratings only provide a standard scale for manufacturers to follow and design their products. If you are a skateboarder, you don’t have to care much about this much. ABEC 11 products, in this term, are designed with the finest technology and ensure the high quality, excellent performance. However, these products are a little expensive that you should consider before buying them but their features are amazing and it will be worth your money.

How to Choose the Right ABEC Rating for Your Bearing

How to Choose the Right ABEC RatingSo, which grades of bearings should we choose for our wheels? ABEC 1, 3, or ABEC 9.

When scrolling to this part, you must probably know what ABEC ratings mean and which is the largest ABEC scale. You will partially know which is the best for you: high ABEC bearings or normal ones. Here we give you more information to make your choice easier and better.

Higher ABEC bearings don’t offer the super speed on your wheels; they just give higher precision and efficiency than standard ball bearings with features above any other bearings, speed is relevant when it comes to bearing.

Second, these kinds of bearings are designed for expert and professional skaters. Only the best of the best can notice the slight change between the ABEC 9 and the ABEC 1 and use it to its full potential. The professionals who are passionate about skating then money is not a problem for them.

Lastly, if you are a skateboarder, ABEC 1 or ABEC 3 is good enough. Since we usually ride at a speed of 20 to 30 mph, there is no need to purchase the ABEC 9 bearings with more than 240 mph speed limit. Additionally, we won’t notice much difference between riding the high ABEC bearings since it’s only changed a bit that the pro can adapt and use it!

Final Words

Above is everything you need to know about ABEC 11. While ABEC 11 implies the excess quality and performance of the products. After this article, you will also know the necessary information about ABEC and can now make your choice for ball bearings you are going to use. Should you have any difficulty? Let’s comment below.

Thank you for reading! I hope you understand more about ABEC bearings!


Coleman Slide – How To Make The Best Slide Step By Step

Mon, 16 Dec 2019 09:46:14 +0000

Coleman Slide – How To Make The Best Slide Step By Step


Coleman slide is considered as one of the most basic and essential skills for those new to skateboarding. If you want to know more about skateboarding techniques as well as to learn the kickflip technique like a professional skater, then you must first master the Coleman slide skill.

Although Coleman slide is just a basic technique, it is challenging and complicated for beginners to learn skateboarding. Failure to follow the steps will cause serious injury to you.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge about the Coleman slide to help you conquer this skill.

It’s time to find out!

What is Coleman Slide?

What is Coleman SlideThose who are new to skateboarding, even though they own a favorite skateboard, they do not know how to use it. They also do not know how to effectively and safely stop when sliding.

Therefore, if you are a beginner to learn skateboarding, the first thing you need to do is learn how to skate from the most basic skills. In particular, it is the Coleman slide skill.

Coleman gliding is a commonly used gliding technique to stop quickly. Typically, when skateboarding, you have to dual wheels on the sidewalk or use your feet to stop. However, this technique is not needed.

The feature of this sliding technique is that you have to drag your planks so that the wheels can move freely and stop safely. Your hands will act as brakes to help you stop. Therefore, you need to wear a pair of gloves good enough to do this.

The essence of Coleman slide is a 180-degree heel slip whose sliding technique was due to the legendary Cliff Coleman developed in 1970. Since then, this sliding technique has been inherited and continuously grown, becoming one of the basic skills for skaters.

Coleman slide is considered one of the best and safe skis for novices to skateboard. If you learn this skid successfully, you will be able to learn any of the harder slides later.

How to Coleman Slide on a Longboard

To perform Coleman slide skills, you must follow a specific sequence. Here are the steps you need to take when practicing this slide.

Get Ready

Get ReadyThere are many dangers when you go downhill, so safety is the first factor when you learn this skating skill.

Therefore, you must equip yourself with a helmet to protect the head. Remember that this is very important, and you absolutely must not ignore it if you do not want to be in the hospital with severe injuries.

In addition to the helmet, you need to prepare a pair of slip gloves. As mentioned above, when performing this sliding skill, your hands will act as brakes. Hence, these gloves will allow you to lay your hands on the ground to stop without being injured when contacting the road surface.

Learn to Stand

To do this skill, make sure that you know how to stand on a skateboard properly. If you do not know, place the board on flat ground and stand on it to learn how to set foot and learn to keep your balance from falling.

Place your feet horizontally on the skis, and make sure that your feet are almost parallel to the section of the wheels. After that, push back and forth a few times to see how the wheels move and if the skateboard axis is swaying. Get acquainted and then you will feel more comfortable!


SetupBefore starting to slide, choose a location that is not too steep to be safe. For absolute safety, I recommend sliding on flat terrains such as on the road or parking lot.

After selecting the right terrain, start sliding at a moderate speed. To get started, step on one foot down the road and push about eight times. After the skateboard reaches a certain speed, place your feet on it, keeping your feet as wide as your shoulders.

You must maintain your balance, concentrate, bend your knees, and relax your body as much as possible.

Get Low

Before landing, you have to bend your knees and your body over. At this point, you should not shift your weight utterly backward as it will cause you to fall. Keeping your weight forward is the key to this skill’s success.


InitiateAfter crouching, calmly place your front hand on the road. Note to put your hand to the side of the wheel and in the middle between your feet.

Once your hand is in contact with the ground, stretch your body, and expand it in the direction of the movement of the board. Your gloves will create friction with the road surface and help you stop shortly after a few seconds.

Let It Slide

After placing your front hand on the road, free swing your other arm into the air. Cliff Coleman once said that if you swung that arm wider, the circle’s path would be more rounded, and it would make you stop safely and adequately.

If you swing your arms properly and effectively, your shoulders and upper body will be twisted to one side or back. At this time, keep your hands on the road, let your legs and hips move according to the board’s inertia.

When your wheels float freely on the road surface and stop, your board will float at an angle of 90 degrees. After the round is over, the game will stop completely.

When you do these repetitions a few times, you will become proficient and will know how to perform this skill, and your movements will become more beautiful.

Notes for You

Notes for you

  • All skateboarders often fall from the beginning. It is inevitable when you practice sliding skills. Therefore, you can wear additional protective clothing during skateboarding, and must also learn to fall properly to ensure safety. This will help you avoid serious injuries.
  • When extending your hand, try to relax. If you hold your hands rigid, you are more likely to have a severe wrist and ankle flexion if you use them to support your fall.
  • Roll out as soon as you fall. You may get a little scratch, but it will be less painful when you put your hands on the ground.
  • Jump out of the board if you feel something is wrong. Let’s jump off the board and land on your feet, or roll onto the grass, in case you are skating too fast and might not control your skateboard. Do not stand on the board when you have lost control.
  • If you feel you are not comfortable enough on the board to perform the Coleman skating technique, do not do it. Stay safe, and do it when you feel ready.

What Type of Longboard is Best for Sliding?

If you want to become a professional skateboarder and are looking to buy a good set of a longboard, please refer to the following products.

These products are all the best skis for you to practice Coleman slide skills, also show your other advanced skating techniques.

1. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard SkateboardThis 44-inch Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard is made from high-quality 8-layer Canadian maple wood. The lightweight makes the agile movement more flexible for skis.

This board is also made of ABEC-7 bearings with good cast lining made of super-strong black PU-90A. PU wheel wrapped with the stone layer is both beautiful and durable, creating impressive and amazing performances.

2. ENKEEO 40 Inches Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard

ENKEEO 40 inches Drop-Through Longboard SkateboardThis is a board made of ABEC-11 bearings capable of withstanding high rotation speeds to make your skating techniques smoother. The board has a width of 40 inches and is made of extremely durable 9-layer maple wood.

The wheels of the PU material are 70mm x 51mm in size, creating a stable balance when sliding down high slopes. With the beautifully designed and striking colors, ENKEEO 40 inches Longboard is the most sought after product on Fado.

3. Magneto 44 Inches Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Magneto 44 inches Kicktail Cruiser Longboard SkateboardThis 44 inches long Magneto Longboard is specially designed to fly and slide across any street surface. The sliding floor is made of bamboo, and the core is made of high-quality hardwood.

The wheels and bushings of the planks are 70mm in size made from high-quality Urethane SHR. In particular, the product does not need any clamps or any supportive tools but still maintains excellent stability when sliding.

4. Retrospec Tidal 41 Inches Drop-Down Longboard Skateboard

Retrospec Tidal 41 inches Drop-Down Longboard SkateboardRetrospec Tidal 41 inches Longboard is a long roller skating board made from high-class Canadian maple wood. The bearings of the board are made of good quality stainless steel ABEC-7 to increase bearing capacity and help the movement more accurate.

The low Tindal floor design aims to create a maximum balance of roller skates. Moreover, the wheels of the board are made from durable 70x51mm 85A PU material and high-bounce bushing, and you will be satisfied with this top-class skateboard set.

5. VOLADOR 42 Inches Freeride Complete Cruiser Longboard

VOLADOR 42 Inches Freeride Complete Cruiser Longboard42 Inch VOLADOR Longboard patin panels with flexible floor design and sufficient damping ability. The material of the board is hard-wearing and 8-layer natural Epoxy glue that is safe and environmentally friendly.

This set of genuine skateboards can also be adjusted to rotate the angle of 50 or 45 degrees virtuosity. Patin wheel is a 70x51mm 78A PU wheel with ABEC-9 preset bearings for the most precise and durable movements.

6. Koastal Drifter Complete 11 x 60 Longboard

Koastal Drifter Complete 11 x 60 LongboardKoastal Drifter Longboard skateboard is made in the USA, ensuring absolute safety quality. Its youthful design and modern colors attract the attention of many teenagers.

The long-line roller skates are also made from durable wood material with smooth-running wheels and bearings that add value to this street skateboard product.

7. Quest Super Cruiser REMIX Longboard

Quest Super Cruiser REMIX LongboardQuest Super Cruiser is one of the long-lasting roller skateboards made of good material with 7-layer bamboo flooring that is absolutely safe for players.

The wheels of the board are super durable 65x51mm 80A PU wheels. The balance support device is made of lightweight black aluminum, and the precision of ABEC-7 bearings gives you a superior roller skating experience.

8. Landyachtz Drop Hammer White Oak 2019 Longboard

Landyachtz Drop Hammer White Oak 2019 LongboardLandyachtz Drop Hammer is a longboard designed with a maximum size of 36.4 inches suitable for professional patin players.

With the most excellent high-quality wood material that works well thanks to the top-quality ABEC 7 bearing structure, you can feel rollerblading like flying on the street or any rough surface.

9. Hana Longboard Collection 42 Inches Skateboards

Hana Longboard Collection 42 inches SkateboardsThe Hana Longboard has a standard size of 42 inches with unique laser engraving graphics. This skateboard is very flexible thanks to the floor made of dyed bamboo material and the core made of high-class maple wood.

The board has a wheel size of 70mm front and back suitable for a reasonable balance when sliding across all surfaces.

10. WiiSHAM 42 Inches Longboard Skateboards

WiiSHAM 42 inches Longboard SkateboardsAnd finally, you can not miss the 42 inches WiiSHAM Longboard, which is made from 9 layers of high-quality maple wood. The size of the wheel is 70mm x 52mm with a sufficient stiffness of 83A, and the combination of ABEC 9 bearings increase the speed when skating.

The overall design of the skateboard’s exterior is quite beautiful, youthful, and impressive, so a lot of stylish patin players choose it.

Final Thoughts

Coleman slide is a fundamental and fascinating skill to perform. However, to do this skill expertly and beautifully, it requires a lot of practice. Hopefully, the above information will help you successfully implement this skill.

Finally, we hope that you will be able to become a professional skateboarder and to show off even more great skills in the future.

I wish you success, and thanks for reading this article!


Great things About Churchill Longboard that You Should Know

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Great things About Churchill Longboard that You Should Know


Churchill Manufacturing has been producing skateboards for famous skateboard brands for over 15 years. Churchill products are made from the best materials and equipment. Through many carefully selected stages, as well as many trials to improve product quality, Churchill longboard was created and satisfied even the most demanding customers.

Many people have expressed concerns about the price of Churchill longboard too cheap compared to other brands on the market. At such prices will Churchill longboard be as good as they expected? How does Churchill keep the longboard price so low?

If you have the same question, we will help you answer it.

So What is the Longboard?

So what is the longboardA longboard is a kind of skateboard suitable for long-distance skating. Longboard has a large size, can be up to 1.5m long. The wheels of the longboard may be bigger than the wheels of the Cruiser Board.

About the long-distance, there are not any other board that is better than a longboard. Even someone has travelled across Vietnam with just a longboard. Thus, we can see that the longboard’s durability is very incredible.

Not only that, but the longboard is also considered a trend to perform, not just to travel long distances. You can easily find unique, flexible, longboard dance videos posted on social media recently, most of them are girlfriends. Like the young girl from South Korea, Ko Hyojoo, she has more than 270,000 followers on Facebook, just by short clips of her extraordinary talent on a longboard board in the streets of Seoul.

While there is no exact standard length, longboards usually range from 33 inches (84 cm) to 59 inches (150 cm). Their width is between 9 inches (22.8 cm) and 10 inches (25.4 cm).

About Churchill Longboard – All Things You Should Know

About Churchill longboardChurchill manufacturing started producing skateboards in 1996. Starting with many difficulties because there is no experience in skateboard manufacturing, but Churchill has gradually learned and succeeded to become a leading skateboard manufacturer.

Nowadays, Churchill is a well-known manufacturing brand with quality, toughness, highly dynamic design, and extremely lightweight that make skis get outstanding performance.

Churchill longboard is manufactured directly by Churchill manufacturing, so they can control the price of raw materials and sell products at the lowest prices. When other famous brands use the product of Churchill longboard, the cost can be three times higher. Their products do not have the names of well-known brands or fancy pictures printed on the board, but in return are guaranteed quality and affordable price.

Churchill works with other manufacturers to create the best parts for their longboard. The wood for producing longboard is sourced from the best veneer factory in the world. Only after checking and ensuring that the wood is up to standard, then Churchill has just finished getting the complete skateboard. All small parts such as bearings, hardware, wheels and grip are thoroughly tested before being put into longboard production.

The lightweight creates agile and flexible movements. Churchill longboard is also made up of suitable bearings and cast bushings made of super durable material. The product does not need any clamps or any supportive tools and still maintains stable stability when sliding.

The textures on Churchill’s longboard are quite simple. Usually, the words printed with the name of Churchill’s company, with very simple and powerful colour combinations, showing the dynamism and personality of the user.

How to Use Churchill Longboard?

How to use Churchill longboardFirst, you have to learn to stand on the Churchill longboard properly. Place the board on flat ground and stand on top to learn how to set foot, and learn to keep your balance from falling. Place your feet horizontally on the skis.

Then, try to push it back and forth gently and place both feet on the board. Turn the front foot a bit to the front of the skis, instead of tilting as it initially. Use your other leg to push gently. Go slow first. You don’t want to have an accident just because you go so fast when you’re not ready.

Keep pushing the skateboard when you find yourself slowing down. Continue so, make light jumps, and rotate your feet on the skateboard to move until you slow down. Then turn your pivot foot horizontally, push the board forward with the other foot, and then turn the leg straight. The more you do this, the better you become at skateboarding.

Rotate ankles and change body focus to change direction. Once you know how to push and move, try changing your route a bit when moving by shifting the centre of your body. Skateboarding and keeping your knees flexible, sit down to lower the focus. Then lean forward slightly to turn right, and turn your ankle to turn the skateboard to the left.

Put your foot on the ground to stop. To stop, place your feet on the ground as you move slowly, and slow down the momentum of the skateboard. However, you should not set foot on the ground at high speed. Start by gliding your feet and gradually take stronger steps to the ground. Remember to put your foot on the skateboard to hold it, or it will keep going.


Are you satisfied with your Churchill longboard? If you still have something unsatisfied, contact Churchill, with considerate customer service, they will make you happy. Hopefully, through this article, you have got yourself a great longboard at an affordable price to start skateboarding.


Ehlers Longboards – On the Rise to Outstanding Quality

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Ehlers Longboards – On the Rise to Outstanding Quality


Shout out to everyone that is so keen on skateboarding. The experience one can ever have with skateboarding is so special that he may never forget. How exciting it is to see all the views, the flow of people passing by in a new perspective. Skateboarding somewhat changes you forever. You, the passionate skateboarding lover, falls in love with the longboard and Ehlers longboard has always been on top of your mind. Here, we will provide you with the top reasons why it became one of the best longboard brands.

Ehlers Longboard – A Long History

A long historyAnyone who is into skateboarding must have come across Ehlers longboards once or twice when they look for their longboard supplier. The brand is created by Ryan Ehlers, a nice and passionate man who has been skateboarding for more than two decades. The founder of Ehlers initially started his career as a devoted fan of skateboarding. He created the very first longboards in his garage in Huntington Beach, California. After that, with the great passion, he also realized the potentialities of the industry.

So, he decided to nurture his idea about a company producing high quality longboards, driving it to the top of the industry. Ever since, Ehlers longboard has gained popularity among longboard skaters and excelled at new heights in the industry.

Large Variety of Longboards

Large variety of longboardsWhether you are new or experienced with skateboarding, Ehlers longboard still remains the best option when it comes to choosing your skateboards. Its reputation does partly boil down to its wide range of longboards on offer for customers. Also, all the products from Ehlers can be customized.

A close look at the category available on its website, customers might be swept off their feet right away as there are so many options to choose from. Your ideal longboard can be created based on your riding style and your favorite longboard shapes. The riding style varies from mini cruiser to drop throughs. Even when you are newbie, you can still find your beginner longboard. Do not worry if you did not find your own longboard elsewhere. Pay a visit to Ehlers and get immersed in its diverse options.

As for the shape, Ehlers provides you with a wide range that includes fishtail, kicktail and the list goes on. And yes, you can also choose your favorite longboards with the color you want. There are a dozen of colors so you can easily pick one out.

Good Quality

Good qualityApart from the diversity in longboard types, Ehlers longboards are famous for its high quality of products. The brand claims to have all the skateboards and longboards made in USA and created with 100% devotion and care. This is absolutely not an exaggeration at all. The longboard decks are mainly created from bamboo and top mount dark walnut. Therefore, it stands to reason why Ehlers longboards are the first choice for many skateboarding lovers.

Most skateboard users are satisfied with the products from Ehlers longboard. Surfing on the Internet, it is not hard to figure out tons of excellent reviews on the product quality. There are people who have been using their Ehlers boards for years and they are still in good condition. Such praising words for the longboards from this brand are so popular on the Internet as well as in the local.

Adorable Price

Adorable priceOne more thing that adds up to the popularity of Ehlers longboards is its price. For many customers, they are way so surprised as the average price of Ehlers is much lower than other brands’. So, while the quality is undeniably excellent, the price stays within the reach for most people.

Ehlers longboards cater a wide range of products at different prices. In the category, the prices range from around $65 to more than $100. The $65 longboard is the basic product, suitable for beginners with minimal design. Meanwhile, longboards priced at more than $100 are top options for those who possess advanced skateboarding skills. Plus, they have extraordinary customized designs that will attract anyone who passes by. One more thing, the price also goes hand in hand with the quality of the products. Most $65 priced skateboards have their decks made from bamboo while the $100 priced have their decks made from top mount dark walnut.

Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping and return policyYou can easily choose your favorite longboards online. Then, simply fill in the online order form, answering all the necessary information inquiries. After that, Ehlers will ship the products to your doors in a few days. Also, you can still come over and test the boards at the warehouse located in Huntington Beach, California.

On cancellation, you can inform them as soon as possible to get your full refunds within the first 24 hours.

Return policy only applies to cases when customers find there are flaws in the unused products. Their products have a full warranty within the first week after arrival. So, by mailing or calling the Ehlers, you can have a full refund.


All in all, it is undeniable that Ehlers longboards are a wise choice for those who are passionate about skateboarding. With all the reasons mentioned above, Ehlers longboardings deserves its nomination for one of the best longboarding suppliers in the U.S.

We hope that with such information provided, you can have a closer look into skateboardings and one of the best brands in the industry – Ehlers longboards.


Gravity Skateboards – Help You Conquer The Most Wonderful Roads

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Gravity Skateboards – Help You Conquer The Most Wonderful Roads


Gravity Skateboards is one of the most prestigious skateboard companies today. For beginners to learn about skis, if you are wondering what skateboard to buy, read the following article. We will introduce you to one of the best skateboard manufacturers in the US – Gravity Skateboards.

About Gravity Skateboards

Gravity Skateboards History

Gravity Skateboards historyGravity Skateboards is a skateboarding firm founded in 1994 and based in Southern California.

When talking about skateboards, we have to mention the two great powers which are Canada and the United States. Skis of brands in 2 countries always have an eye-catching appearance, trendy, and excellent quality. Gravity Skateboards is also one of the brands that have made a name since its inception.

Considered a pioneer in the field of longboard production, Gravity Skateboards is proud that its products, even the smallest components, are made in the US.

Gravity Skateboards not only focuses on producing quality skateboards but also carries out the mission of creating jobs for American citizens, contributing to the economic growth in this country.

The products of Gravity Skateboards provided to the market are high-quality, meeting the needs of customers. Gravity Skateboards pays great attention to durability, models, designs, and textures of the product.

In particular, safety factors are always on top of Gravity Skateboards. As a result, every product that goes on the market has to go through rigorous censorship to ensure an excellent skateboarding experience for customers.

Moreover, during development, Gravity Skateboards always works with the criteria to ensure all products are environmentally friendly. All the materials used to make skateboards that Gravity Skateboards use are safe and do not adversely affect the environment.

In 2016, Gravity Skateboards was nominated as the world’s top skateboard brand.

Shipping Policy

Shipping policyWhen ordering right on the Gravity Skateboards website, staff will take your order. Usually, your order will be shipped within two business days via UPS Ground.

For expedited shipping, you need to contact customer service for advice, and of course, you will have to pay additional shipping charges.

Currently, Gravity Skateboards only support free shipping within the United States. For other areas like Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, you will have to pay extra shipping charges. After ordering, you should receive your order within 7 to 10 business days.

Return Policy

Return policyIf you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you may return it within 30 days from the date of purchase. However, you must ensure the following requirements:

  • The product must be in new and unused condition.
  • The refund only applies to the price of the product, excluding shipping charges when the product is returned.
  • Customers will not be refunded if the product returned is not the original condition.
  • When returning the item, you will be charged a $15 restocking fee, deducted directly from the refund.

Pros and Cons of Gravity Skateboards

Let’s take a closer look at Gravity Skateboards to acquire further information about its pros and cons.


Pros and Cons of Gravity SkateboardsA good skateboard must ensure that the four critical parts of the board, the deck, the wheels, and the ball-bearings are of the optimal quality. Based on those criteria, Gravity Skateboards has a brilliant design to bring the best experience to the players.

Let’s take a look at the features of Gravity Skateboards.

The Board

Gravity Skateboards have many motifs and color combinations, designed both on the front and the back of the board. Therefore, regardless of whether the player is sliding on the surface or making shots, the surface of the board is still stunning.

The Deck

Gravity Skateboards are assembled from many small details such as the shaft base, screws, and rubber pad to help the shaft create an inclination. All these details are made from good quality material so players can freely move the skateboard on different terrains at the speed they want.

Along with being able to change the speed depending on the initiative of adjusting screws, the player will have an adjustable speed suitable for playing skills.

The Wheels

The wheels of Gravity Skateboards have good elasticity, so they are suitable for all terrains, including rough terrain or on the grass. Moreover, the wheels are the right size for each type of board, designed with the purpose of bringing fast movement to the player.

The Ball-bearings

Super-durable bearings help Gravity Skateboards go faster and smoother to save energy and go further. At the same time, the ball-bearings of Gravity Skateboards help control skateboards with adjustable speed to suit the needs of players.

For those who are just starting to play skateboarding, the speed too fast will not guarantee the safety and easy to slip, leading to danger or injury. Gravity Skateboards have screws so players can actively adjust their speed according to their level and ability to play.

For those of you who have excellent playing skills and proper performance techniques, merely loosening the skateboard screws will have great speed, the ability to rotate flexibly, and easily master your skis.


When it comes to speed and performance, Gravity Skateboards are the best of all skis on the market today. However, these skateboards are quite expensive. Therefore, you need to consider carefully before buying the product.

How to Use Gravity Skateboards

How to use Gravity SkateboardsGravity Skateboards products are very easy to use. However, to use skis safely and effectively, you need to note the following.

  • The first condition you note is you always have to make sure to use the right technique. If you are new to skateboarding, you need to keep your balance right from the moment you step on the board. Be sure to keep your balance, place your feet gently on the board, stand on your feet, and then slowly start to swing.
  • When using Gravity Skateboards, you should not play around, lose focus to avoid unfortunate accidents.
  • When charging the battery, Gravity Skateboards will take 2 to 3 hours to be full. With a battery capacity of 44000mAH, the Gravity Skateboards can go from 15 to 18 kilometers and runs out of battery.
  • After the battery is full, the charging mode will automatically disconnect. However, to ensure battery life and safety, after complete, you should unplug the power from the battery charger.
  • When storing Gravity Skateboards, you should keep them in dry places, avoiding places with excessive heat or humidity.
  • In addition, to ensure the appearance of Gravity Skateboards, you can fully cover it, such as tape, rubber stickers, decal stickers.

Final Words

Gravity Skateboards is truly the best kind of skateboard for those who are passionate about skateboarding. With the preeminent feature of Gravity Skateboards, please own this one to experience the most exciting and fantastic feeling.

Hopefully, the article above has provided you with useful information.

Thank you for follow us!


Skate Shops Near Me and Near You: How To Choose the Right One?

Wed, 20 Nov 2019 07:23:41 +0000

Skate Shops Near Me and Near You: How To Choose the Right One?


According to google graph “Skate shop near me” search key is skyrock lately! And the reason behind this is because people want to have a good and clear feel with the board before purchasing it. They no longer believe much in the ads which online shops keep exaggerating. So, they decide to drop in real stores to pick the best skateboards for their game so that the quality can be seen with bear eye and help them make a suitable decision for their purchase. So I think you should pay a visit to your nearest skate shop and see what is in store for you!

You can get more information on specifications, customer reviews or even comparison online. Then, it is time to find a reliable place to buy favorite products directly with top notch quality and helpful advice from the retailer.

But, how can you filter out all information and choose the right one? By what way can you select the best products for your skateboarding? Do not worry since we are here to help you. We will share all the necessary information so that you can find the perfect board for yourself!

What Is the Best Skate Shop?

What Is the Best Skate ShopAs I search for the best skate shops near me, I often bear three options in my mind. Let’s name them Option A, Option B, and Option C, respectively.

  • Option A: Looking for shops which offer products from numerous brands.
  • Option B: Visiting stores of big brands right away.
  • Option C: Choosing prestigious local skate makers.

In case that you only prepare a tight budget for a new skateboard, I recommend the Option A and Option C.

For the A, these shops provide many products at different price ranges. It is easier for you to compare them as well. My favorite destination for this option is Tony Hawk.

Also, if you love surfing on customized skates, the C is the best match with your demand. Plus, heavy riders should try the Option C, too. The makers know how to make the skate which can withstand your body weight well. When I ask some professionals for advice, the C is also their suggestion for the best style matching.

Big brands often offer high-quality products with satisfaction guarantee. So, I highly recommend the Option B for beginning skaters.

Besides the Option A, B, C, there are many second-hand skate shops. They are worth trying as well as you are an experienced player.

After picking one in three options, I will base on three other elements to assess the shops. They include:

  • Before-visiting elements
  • Customer service
  • Product display

Let’s explore each of them.

Before-Visiting Elements

Before-Visiting ElementsThe first thing to do is to search “Skate Shops Near Me” on Google. It will show you a lot of options. Clicking the recommendation, you will see a wide range of shops, you can simply click on it and find the product you have been looking for. When you find it you should visit that shop in person to have more information on your dream board.

Another useful tip that you should pay attention to customer review because they will have some feedback on the product you want to buy. I usually pay much attention to the stars ranked on each shop.

If you do not have much time to search for information, you can contact the shops via a live chat. You ask them about products as well as address to make sure that they are near your place.

Customer Service

Customer ServiceWhen visiting shops, customer service is one of the most important things to consider. There are four elements which I care about most, including the positive atmosphere, polite manner, catalog, and service helpfulness.

A positive atmosphere makes you feel comfortable to come and choose skateboards. Let’s imagine that you drop in a shop and the staff welcome you with the brightest smile on their face of course you will feel more welcome to their shop. Usually passion skate retailers are also passionate skaters so they will be happy to show you around the shop. And at the moment you will know that you have found the right shop to visit.

The second point is whether they give you a free catalog or not. It is not that the staff introduction can help you know about their products entirely. Many shops tend to focus only on driving customers to choose expensive products.So you should ask for a catalog to see all the products the shop has to offer so that you can choose the right board for you.

The third one is the way the shop packages skateboards for you to bring home. Despite being a little detail, it helps you know more about their customer service.

Product Display

Product DisplayThe reason I mention the product display is quality. If products are in the right arrangement, you can consider it easier. Moreover, a suitable show also means no mess, no dust as well as no signs of deforming, discoloring on skateboards.

How Do I Search for Skate Shops Near Me?

Search for Skate Shops Near MeSkaters living in big cities often find a local skate shop easier than those who do not. Thanks to a quick search, you can find out what you want regarding skateboards.

If you use the Google search, I suggest you try some popular terms. They are skate shops near me”, “skateboard shops near me”, “skateboard shop near me” or “skate shop near me”.

Also, the locator tool is another option, too. I highly recommend Google Map. When visiting the shop website or Facebook fan page, you can check their location to see whether it is near yours or not.

What If There Are No Skate Shops Near Me, What Will I Do Then?

There Are No Skate Shops Near Me

Well that is quite easy, if you don’t have access to any shop near you then what you should do is to surf the net for buying skateboard

One of the most fantastic destinations for your online shopping is Amazon. It seems to have everything in the world. More that than, on special occasions like Black Friday, there are many fascinating promotions for you to enjoy.

Moreover, with a specific value of products, you may get free shipping. The online retailers make sure satisfied customer service as well when you buy their products.

How Much Should You Spend on a Skateboard?

Spend on a SkateboardNo one has an exact answer to this question. Honestly, it depends on some factors as followings:

  • Which brand will you choose to buy a skateboard, a big or a small brand?
  • Are the materials of the skateboard good, the high quality, expensiveness or cheapness?
  • What is the type of your desired skateboards?
  • Do you require extra components such as risers and stickers?

The price of skateboards often ranges in three different levels.

  • From $100 to $200: It may be the highest price range I know for skateboards. Famous high-end brands, namely, Sector 9 and Santa Cruz, often sell their skates between $100 to $200.
  • From $35 to $65: Besides the high-end names, there are many medium-range providers. They make up a considerable percentage of the market share. Some of these brands include Sk8mafia, Baker, Bamboo Skateboards, Element, Powell-Peralta, and Birdhouse. Their skateboards often cost $35 to $65.
  • From $12 to $15: If you have already joined in this skating game with a tight budget, you can search on the e-commerce system like Amazon and Walmart. The price only ranges from $12 to $15.

I mean that it could be big deals from brands, for example.

In case that you still want to stay in this budget, you can try to buy separate skateboard components. Then, you go to customizing makers and complete your skates. By this way, I am sure that you can save a lot of money.

Tips for Choosing the Best Skateboards

Choosing the right skate shops does not mean that you want the right skateboards. A big shop provides both expensive high-quality skates and a cheap low-quality one. So, how can you differentiate them and pick the best skates for your demand? Followings will be things to help.


StylesBased on your usage and liking, there are some suggestions of skateboard style to choose.

A shortboard

Skaters often ride this style of skateboard when they have tended to do park skating or learn skating tricks. Do as its name be, the short-designed board makes it easier for riders to get air and do some tricks.

You can also use the shortboard for casual riding. This board is especially made for skaters who want to perform cool tricks and enjoy striving around the town.

A longboard

If you love cruising, you honestly should choose a longboard. The main feature of this type is the heavy and bulk structure. But the board shows excellent performance with long rides.

A longboard usually is 34 inches in length. Because of being longer than a regular skateboard, the longboard is perfect to balance on. So, I highly recommend it for beginners.

Lightweight penny boards

Riding on a lightweight penny board helps you to have easy transportation. This type is nearly the same as the longboard. But it is lighter and more portable.

The length of penny boards is from 22 inches to 27 inches. People often make it with the lightweight plastic so that the board does not trouble you to carry all day long.

This board is made for the purpose of traveling well with a long road just like a longboard and easy to be portable due to its size like a shortboard so it’s like a combination of the two advantages.

Sizes and Shapes of Decks

Sizes and Shapes of DecksThe skateboard decks come with four different sizes. People measure these sizes of the board based on the width. The four includes full size, mid-size, micro, and mini.

The micro board has a the 6.5-.75 width. It is suitable for kids who are under 5 years old.

The mini board gets a width of 7 inches. This size performs well with kids (from 6 to 8 years).

For the mid-size one, it is the most common deck size for beginning kids. With this option, you should choose shoes which size is 7 or 8.

As for adults, a board with full deck size is the best choice. It usually is 7.5 inches or wider.

You can base on the following chart to choose the right sizes.

Materials for Decks

Materials for DecksAs for materials, the skateboard often comes with the Canadian Maple. It is one of the most common options for high stability. Besides, two other ones include Bamboo and Baltic Birch plywood. You can find them with high-quality skateboards on the market today.

Another choice for those who care much about the material is the plastic. However, the plastic is much cheaper and does not perform the long-lasting durability so that the makers use the plastic for penny boards at most due to its small size and light properties. Also, the decks made from aluminum and fiberglass that work similarly.


All the things in this article remind me of my failures a lot. During the beginning, I wasted a lot of time and money to buy stupid skateboards. So, I share tips on what way I have found skate shops near me and get my skateboards.

I hope my sharing can do you a favor, help you get more knowledge of skateboards and enjoy your game perfectly. Thanks for reading and see you all, guys with upcoming helpful articles. I hope you will find your perfect board just for you!


How To Get Bearings Out Of Skateboard Wheels – The Most Comprehensive Guide

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How To Get Bearings Out Of Skateboard Wheels – The Most Comprehensive Guide


When the wheels are not spinning as smoothly as it used to, the reason might lie in the bearings. The bearings are generally circular pieces made of metallic that people keep it inside the wheels to mount the wheels to the axle. Indeed, the wheel bearings play an essential part in helping the board ride fastly and smoothly. Hence, everyone needs to take care of the bearings frequently.

Getting your old skateboard bearings off is relatively easy. Unfortunately, if you do not know how to do, you may find it quite tricky. Hence, this article perfectly suits your needs right now. Take a seat and keep reading for further reference.

Best Longboard Bearings


To get bearings out of skateboard wheels, it is crucial to prepare some following tools, such as:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Bearing pusher
  • Skateboard tool
  • Leverage
  • Other relevant things such as towel, fluid, etc

How to Get Bearings Out of Skateboard Wheels


Unscrew the Wheels from the Axle

Unscrew the Nut Holding the Wheel on the Axle

Unscrew the nut holding the wheel

There is a nut holding the wheels on the axle. What you need to do is making an effort to unscrew nuts lying on the end of the axle. In this case, it is suggested to use a skateboard tool or socket wrench to get the highest efficiency.

According to the specific situation, you can take all the nuts or just a nut off. For example, if you want to change all the bearings, you must remove all the nuts of four wheels. On the contrary, if you are pretty sure to find out where is the problem, you only need to remove those wheel nuts.

However, you should determine whether your skateboard has some types of bearing shields or not to remove them too. Besides, if there are the spacers in your wheels, make sure not to lose them when you remove and put wheels back onto the skateboard.

Push the Wheel to the End of the Axle

Push the Wheel to the End of the Axle

In this step, the bearings need to be pried out of the wheel. The most common way people apply is using itself the truck axle. For this reason, you should slide the wheel toward the end of the axle. It means that the truck axle has to go in as far as the bearing is still on the axle.

In addition, in case there is a bearing puller on your skateboard tool, you can use it to remove the bearings instead of the axle. Of course, you should take the wheel off of the axle completely.

Another thing you must notice is that between and the axle, there are some washers that you cannot lose.

Pry the Bearing from the Skateboard Truck

Pry the bearing from the skateboard truck

It is ideal to use leverage which helps you pry the wheel from the skateboard truck. What you need to do is use your palm to grab the wheel. Especially, your heel of hand will be put on the bottom edge of the outside of the wheel and your fingers are on the top of the wheel.

The next step is using leverage slowly and gently to pull the bearing out of the wheel in one direction. A downward angle is suggested in this case. The bearing should generally pop out of the wheel, but it might not come out all the way. Thus, pry it to a different direction until it is got out. This process is the same as the way you take the lid of a glass bottle.

This process asks the carefulness as well as slowness. If you want to replace new bearings, it is fine to break the old ones. On the contrary, if you do not want to throw these skateboard bearings away and just clean them, be gentle as much as you can.

Besides, while using a bearing puller to pry the bearing out of the wheel with ease, let’s put the tip into the bearing so that it can hook the edge of the bearing.

Remove the Other Bearing from the Same Wheel

Remove the other bearing

If you have removed one bearing once, it is more convenient to repeat this process for the other side. Let’s put the tip of the axle rod into the second bearing after flipping the wheel over. In this step, you find it easy to pry the bearing out as the wheel is visible inside. As a result, you can consider how far the axle or tool goes in. Of course, it is crucial to leave enough space for the axle not to hit the inside of the wheel.


Clean Skateboard Wheel Bearings

Clean Skateboard Wheel BearingsWhile you notice that your bearings seem to be mucky or make gravely sound when you spin the wheels, it is the right time to clean the skateboard wheel bearings. Make sure to do this fairly often to increase the lifespan of your bearings.

Clean Dirt and Buildup Off of the Bearings

Use a ramp paper towel or old rag to wipe the dust from the bearings. If there is any noticeable debris on the bearing, remove it immediately. You should clean the bearings out wholly front and back not to miss out any dust. A quick clean is enough for those bearings that have not much problem.

Pop the Rubber Guards Off

Pop the rubber guards offThis step of popping the guards off requires a sharp thing such as a small screwdriver, razor blade, or paper clip. Choose one among these things to slide it under the rubber guard. Make sure to be gent while you are prying it off. If you are not careful, the rubber guard might be cut or more serious, the rest of the bearing is damaged. In this case, I suggest that a razor blade is more suitable than a paper clip.

The guard does not actually need to be removed. Nevertheless, it is essential when you are cleaning the bearing as thoroughly as you can. Moreover, remember that some special bearings have more than a guard. Hence, check carefully and remove all of them before proceeding with cleaning.

Soak the Bearings in Bearing-specific Solvent

Soak the bearings in bearing-specific solventYou need to prepare a bearing-specific solvent that many local skate shops have offered. Moreover, you can consult some fluids including some acetone, pure rubbing alcohol, carburetor cleaner, or even lemon juice which take the place of cleaning solvent. Then, put the bearings into a glass jar that has been filled with fluid. The time we soak the bearings is up to how dirty they are. Ten-minute is normally perfect.

However, the new bearings will be worth your investment in case the old ones are incredibly rusty. Rusty bearings cannot work as efficiently as it used to only by cleaning and lubricating. Having the bearings cleaned and lubricated actually helps them run again but does not ensure their good condition.

Swirl the Bearings Around in the Jar

After about 10-minute soaking the bearings, you can shake them around the jar for one minute. This action allows you to remove further debris or buildup in the bearings. A 1-minute swirl assists in finishing off the cleaning.

Remove the Bearings from the Jar and Dry them Off

Remove the bearings from the jarAfter the process of cleaning, now it is perfect for taking the bearings out of the jar. Then, you should lay them outs on a towel to let them dry. You had better use the towel to wipe the wet bearings in turn so that it can be as dry as possible. It is better to dry all sides by moving the balls around in the track or using a hairdryer or fan. As a result, all of the moisture in your bearings will be evaporated completely.

Spray or Wipe the Bearings with Lubricant

Spray or wipe the bearings with lubricantIt is suggested to lubricate the bearing balls before putting them back on. The reason is that lubrication helps the bearings work more effectively. Cleaning is not actually enough. Hence, let’s take a few drops of lubricant buying from the skate shop. Another choice you can consult is that using motor oil or speed cream that most barbers use on their electric razors. One noticeable thing is WD40 is not suggested in this case since it can make the bearings dry out and crack.

Pop the Rubber Shield Back on as Well as Put the Bearings Back Onto the Wheels

Pop the rubber shield backThe last step you have to do is putting all of the guards back on. Then, you should put all of the clean bearings back onto the wheels. Two bearings will be put into two sides of a wheel, and eight bearings in total.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of how expensive your product is, it might wear out after being overused and put under excessive pressure for a long time. For this reason, you had better pay attention to maintaining carefully and frequently cleaning so that the performance of your bearings becomes better.

Hopefully, this article assists you a lot in getting the bearings out of skateboard wheels and cleaning them yourself. If you consider it as a useful guide, share it to your friend.


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