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Nice to meet you all again. Today, we decided to bring up an article for you about bearings.

As you know, these small pieces play a very important role in your riding performance.

However, like you, we were also struggled with choosing the best one amongst thousands of brands in the market.

After years of testing various products, we finally find suitable bearings. This one suits the best for advanced skaters.

We are here to introduce you about Bones Swiss Ceramics.

Now, without no further ado, let’s start first with the company which Bones Swiss Ceramics was created.

History of Bones Bearings – The Legends Of Skateboarding

History of Bones BearingsBONES® BEARINGS is a well-known manufacturer and distributor of high quality bearing products since 1980.

George A. Powell is the founder of Bones®. He studied engineering at Stanford University.

It all started at the beginning of the 1980s. At that time, skateboarding was not as popular as nowadays.

Therefore, finding good bearings was a challenging task for any skaters.

In the market at that time, there were two main bearing manufacturers that were Japanese and German.

Japanese bearings were cheap and durable but not very speedy.

German ones were better. However, it still didn’t meet the expectations of skaters who wanted to go on a vert slope or roll further.

George A. Powell realized the potential of bearing market. Thus, he searched for places to find the fast and unique ones.

Finally, his hard-working paid off. He stopped at a small bearing manufacturing place in Switzerland.

According to George, Swiss bearings were fast and very special than any other products at that time.

After years of working with this manufacturer to upgrade a bearing better, we are so lucky to use Bones Swiss these days.

For those who don’t know about these products, let us tell you why Bones Swiss bearings are always called the legend of skateboarding:

Swiss Bearings has been famous for their durability and speed over the past 35 years. All skaters who have the chance to ride this one are surprised by how fast, long-lasting and firm they are.

To reach this stage, the company has conducted thousands of tests to see its longevity and performance.

There is only one issue to say about Bones Bearings. It is their price. This happens due to the increased charge by the Swiss.

Nevertheless, don’t worry.

Don’t you know Bones Bearings also offer a very reasonable price? Are you curious? Let’s continue.

It was destiny when George visited China for a few times to introduce skateboard to this country.

In there, with eyes of a businessman, he realized the opportunities of producing low cost yet high-quality products.

After years of testing, they finally could make the product called Bones REDS™. This one has high speed, strength, durability and especially affordable price.

This also means that Bones Bearings come up with two main product lines. The first ones are Bones Swiss products and the second ones are Bones Reds.

Bones Swiss is made in Switzerland and have a long reputation for its speed, durability and longevity. The price is pretty high.

On the other hand, Bones Reds is made in China. Its features are created familiarly with Bones Swiss. Nonetheless, it is cheaper.

If you go for the price, Bones Reds is for you. But don’t expect it to be as good as the original Bones Swiss.

To say the truth, there are tons of companies with a long history. But only a few of them can build up the reputation.

So, here’s the important thing you need to know:

What Makes Bones Bearings Special?

As we mentioned above, Bones Bearings are made of high-quality elements which help promote the best performance for skaters.

After over 35 years, Swiss Bearings still stand out as the most popular products in the skateboarding community regarding the speed, precision, sturdiness and the endurance.

Besides that, below are the two factors that make this brand more special:

ABEC And Skated Rate

ABEC And Skated RateABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineers Committee. Generally, this rating is supposed to be the industry standard for bearings.

In reverse, we have a different view of this criteria.

ABEC rating is to form specifications for general applications. However, bearings are used for various purposes (Skating is one of those).

Thus, using ABEC rating as a tool to select bearings is not suitable.

To say it more specifically, ABEC rating categories include grade 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.

For a higher rate, the better the performance and the tighter the tolerance is, then increase the precision parts of the bearing.

With these features, the bearing would make the wheel perform at a very high speed which is out of what a skater can imagine!

Besides, ABEC criteria pays no attention to other requirements which are important to the ride such as ball grade, lubrication, impact resistance, etc.

Bones Bearing also tested the performance between two bearings with difference ABEC rating. And they have noticed that in many situations, high ABEC rating isn’t equal to higher performance.

Bones Bearings, therefore, do not use ABEC rating as the bearing standard. Instead, their products are Skate Rated.

This means that the bearings are built based on Bones criteria for skating. For example, Skate Rated tolerances and components.

Thanks to that, you can find the bearings specific for skateboarders.

And it just has at Bones Bearings.

Amazing, right?

Bones Bearings Price

Bones Bearings PriceYou might be a little bit confused and wonder that why price makes Bones products special. Actually, this speaks a lot about bearing quality.

All Bones bearings are made of advanced technology to give the best performance to the customers.

Over the years, Bones Swiss Bearings are well known for its price. However, it has been the most favourite Bones products for a long time.

Can’t you see the reason behind? The quality says it all.

Even though Bones also have Bones Reds which are cheaper, Bones Swiss are still one of the most preferable in the market.

Only Bones can do this. And that’s what makes this brand so special.

Now you know that Bones Bearings has two famous products served for different types of customers.

The rest of this article today mainly focuses on the high luxury bearings – Bones Swiss Ceramics.

But firstly, let’s take a quick look at the top 4 most popular Bones Swiss bearings

Bones Swiss

Bones Swiss Bearings

Bones Swiss BearingsThis one is the original bearing of Bones.

Since the release in 1983, it has always been one of the most preferable names in the market.

Made of the combination between Skate Rated components and Swiss precision production, it opens up the success of other Bones Swiss latter.

Bones Super Swiss 6 Bearings

Bones Super Swiss 6 BearingsDo you know why it has the name “Super Swiss”?

Well, it is because of its super high-speed feature.

Normally, other 608 bearings use 7 balls. Bones Super Swiss is created with 6 large diameter balls.

No wonder why it has a fast rate, quick acceleration, exceptional strength and longevity. If you are a vert skater, consider it.

Bones Swiss Labyrinth 2 Bearings

Bones Swiss Labyrinth 2 BearingsBone Swiss L2 bearings are added a new shield that helps decrease drag and improve the speed.

Moreover, with the assistance of a new inner race, the dirt can be kept out longer while still maintaining easily.

The unique feature you will recognize is that this bearing has a longer lifespan than the Bones Swiss bearings.

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings

Bones Swiss Ceramics BearingsYou might ask why we choose to write a review about Bones Swiss Ceramics but not other Bones Swiss products, right?

Well, there is a reason for it.

As you can see, this product has the highest price compared with not only other bearing brands but also with Bones Swiss bearings.

The price is normally equal to the quality.

This bearing is the newest one. Quickly after the release, it has been the fastest products under Bones.

As it is the latest version produced, Bones used all the experience they have learned to manufacture it.

For that reason, the bearing assists the wheel to roll faster and be more durable.

Now, let’s analyze carefully the features of Bones Swiss Ceramics to see why it is the most rated products of Bones.

Bones Swiss Ceramics


FeaturesThis one is new in the market.

It is almost the same with Bones Swiss bearings but added more unique features. One of those is the ceramic balls.

Why should we use ceramic instead of other materials?

First of all, ceramic bearings are made of Silicon Nitride – a compound.

Actually, it is lighter and harder than other metal ones. As a result, it is faster.

Let’s see this case:

When it is in the extreme temperatures, steel bearings will expand, then it will affect your smooth ride.

On the other hand, it is not a problem for ceramic bearings.

They have been proven to stay firm even with the 1320 degrees Celsius. How cool it is to have a bearing that can last longer, right?

Because of these features, a lot of manufacturers produce ceramic bearings nowadays.

So, come back to Bones Swiss Ceramic.

This one is supposed to be the fastest bearings right now. And it is just released in the market. What a magical!

If you look at how it is created, you won’t be surprised that much.

Bones Swiss Ceramic is the perfect combination using the newest advanced technology of Bones Bearings.

This rounded metal pieces are combined of the accurate ground and amazing Swiss bearings races. Glass fibre is reinforced with Nylon ball retainer.

Besides, they also have ceramic balls which the material is Cerbec silicon nitride.

A rubber shield is non-contacted. Bone Speed Cream is formulated to have high heat and low viscosity synthetic lubricant.

A removable rubber shield makes it easier to be cleaned.

And what’s more?

It is pre-lubed, so you can save your time and trouble when dealing with it.

If you are worried whether they fit the wheels of your board or not, then you don’t need to think about it anymore as they come in standard size.

When you buy it, you will get the set of 8 bearings. It is great to know that you can use these bearings on your chair. It works perfectly!

To sum up this part, Bones Swiss Ceramics is produced by the best quality materials to offer you the smooth, quiet and incredible performance.

For those who are seeking the best bearings, this is it.

What People Say About Bones Swiss Ceramics

What People Say About Bones Swiss CeramicsWe collected the number of feedback on Bones Bearings website and from different sites as well. Check it out!

What people like about this product:

  • The acceleration is consistent while pushing.
  • Can roll in all kinds of conditions such us through dirty, wet roads or hard rocks and deep cracks. Some said they defy the laws of physics.
  • More solid, faster, quieter and last longer than any other bearings out there.
  • Excellent customer services. If you screw everything up with your board, Bones will reassemble them for FREE!
  • Easy to be cleaned
  • Detail lifetime warranty policy

What people don’t like:

  • It is speedy for beginners.
  • The price is really high compared to other bearings.

Overall, Bones Swiss Bearings are high-quality products. You can experience its speed, durability, strength and smoothness.

Nevertheless, it might be hard to control for beginners. Professional skaters are highly recommended.

The price is high but it is worth the money. Consider it if you want your bearings to last for decades.

We hope that all the information above help you understand this incredible bearing.

But it is not the end.

Even if with an excellent product, it would just be trash if you don’t know how to maintain and clean it

So, what are you waiting for? Next part is:

How to maintain the bearings

How to maintain the bearingsBearings are the most sensitive parts of your board. It is too small that even thin hair could affect it.

Therefore, you should always make sure to maintain the bearings carefully to protect your board as well as yourself.

First of all, the key to effectively cleaning the bearing is finding the suitable cleaner. Normally, people use citrus cleaners or solvent cleaners.

For the first ones, remember to dry the products immediately after the cleaning, and then lube them to avoid oxidation.

For the latter ones, wear protective gears as these things are dangerous. You can choose solvents such as pure alcohol or acetone.

In case you can’t find these cleaners, paint or lacquer thinner is also a good selection even though it tends to leave some oil to your bearings.

Some people also put oil to dirty bearing when it doesn’t work well. They ignore its situation and force it to roll faster.

It might run speedily initially but would ruin out everything all at once.

It is because what they actually do is to immerse the oil with the dirt and then spread it all around.

Thus, always clean the products first before you re-lube them.

To make it cleaner, you can even remove and wash its elements.

For non-contact rubber shield, use a mixture of warm water and soap then gently clean it by using a fluffed-free fabric.

As the shield is made of rubber, using solvents will make it bloat.

After you maintain it, make sure to dry it carefully before you put it back in the bearings.

Another option is to remove the ball retainer. It is pretty difficult.

We only recommend this way for those who have experience or buy Bones Bearing Cleaning Unit.

Last but not least, a compressed air can is also used to leave all the leftover dust inside the bearings out.

One mistaken thinking is that the bearings would spin more speedily without lubing.

We don’t know where this comes from but doing this can only break your bearings down soon. For that reason, after cleaning the products, use one drop per bearing using Bones® Speed Cream®.

Bones Speed Cream can also help prevent rust.

What Is Your Choice?

What Is Your Choice?Bearings are an essential part to promote your performance. These pieces help connect the wheel and the axle of your board.

If you choose the wrong one, it might decrease the quality of your ride and maybe cause some dangerous situations for you.

That said, skaters have been more seriously chosen the bearings.

The decision becomes harder with the appearance of tons of bearing brands in the market. In which, Bones Bearings is one of the shining stars.

Backwards the history, George A. Powell – a founder of Bones Bearings started to look out for the high-speed and durable bearing.

He discovered that one in Switzerland. Since then, with continuous improvement, Bones Bearings has become the most favourite products for skaters.

They come up with two types of products – Bones Swiss and Bones Reds.

Bones Swiss is expensive yet high quality.

Meanwhile, Bones Reds, which has close features with Bones Swiss, is cheaper and created in China.

What makes Bones Bearing special is its Skate Rated design instead of using ABEC rating and its high price.

The purpose of this article is to introduce you about Bones Swiss Ceramics. This is the latest and fastest bearing under Bones.

Using advanced technology with unique features, Bones Swiss Ceramics is speedy, durable, smooth and can stay firmly in all kinds of surfaces.

This bearing serves the best for professional skaters. Even though the price is high, it is still worth the money.

Every product has to be taken care of even with the quality one. Read the instruction carefully to maintain the bearings.

This article collected the number of customer feedback from different sources to give you general reviews about Bones Swiss Ceramics.

However, at the end of the day, it is you who know what is the best for you.

Do you dare to buy ones? We are looking forward to hearing your review as well.

Do you have questions for us?

The part below would provide you with the necessary information about the reputational places to buy the bearing and its warranty policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to buy Bones Swiss Ceramics?

Bones Swiss Ceramics is one of the most popular products. So, there are tons of places from online to offline stores selling this bearing.

Don’t worry.

Bones Bearings has selected a network of their Authorized Dealers which meet the high requirements for after-sale service and warranty.

Therefore, you can be confident about the products.

Even products from big websites such as EBAY, AMAZON or ALIBABA are almost second-hand ones and not covered by Bones Bearings warranty.

Thus, check it carefully before you push the “Buy” button.

To know whether you purchase products from Authorized Dealers or not is to look for the official sticker or seal on the bearings.

You can also check the list of online and offline retailers on the website of Bones Bearings.

2. Why should we buy products from Authorized Bones Bearings Dealers?

Bones Bearings are recognized not only for the outstanding quality but also the best customer service.

When you buy products from these dealers, you can experience its excellent service.

For example, they can assist you to select the suitable ones for your need, resemble and deliver it to your place, etc.

Products provided from Unauthorized Bones Bearings Dealers can cause you some troubles. It may be faked, defective, hence be dangerous for yourself.

Especially, in these cases, Bones Bearings might not protect you as it doesn’t include in the warranty policy for Unauthorized products.

To conclude, you should buy the bearings from the qualified places to truly enjoy the amazing ride that Bones Swiss Ceramics offers.

If you have any other questions, leave in the comment below or send directly to Bones Bearings Website.

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