Swiss photographer Silvano Zeiter has contributed photos to a new book by author and art director Jonas Wyssen titled Followers of the Flow. The book, tagged as “A Manual to Enhance Your Flow Experienced” is summarized on the book’s website as follows:

Followers of the Flow traces the evolution of the freestyle movement of the 1990s, a movement that does not just refer to sports but to a mindset which is currently enjoying a renaissance in modern society. What is the connection between freestyle and creativity? How can the flow experience – a denominator for all freestyle activities – be seen as a creative tool? Why is it essential to try and fail? The manual explores these questions in six beautifully illustrated chapters, giving the reader a «recipe» in the form of a new and ingenious creative method: Freestyle Thinking.

This limited edition release is slated for August 2020 and features an embossed cover, Munken paper, blue page edgesand other design flares. Based on other print projects Zeiter has been involved in, you can expect this book to be an art piece in and of itself. For more information, click here.

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