From paddling to parking lot, the Volcom X Matador Changing Robe fits your beach lifestyle.

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Looking for after paddle or apres surf apparel to help you change out of wet clothing or a wetsuit without the towel drape? Well, look no further. The Volcom x Matador Beach Poncho is all about convenience, practicality, and functionality.

Volcom x Matador Changing Robe
From paddling to parking lot, the Volcom x Matador Changing Robe fits your beach lifestyle.

Change in Comfort: Ultralight Nanofiber Material

Volcom, a reputable surf company with a passion for creativity and sport, collaborated with Matador, a travel equipment company specializing in lightweight gear, to produce a thoughtfully designed poncho that is a must-have staple for any surfer’s collection. The most distinguishing feature is the poncho’s ultralight nanofiber material that manages to be soft on the skin and cozy while you change. All this while also being as light as air!

Compact & Convenient for Quick Changes

Did I mention that this material absorbs 2.3x its own weight in water? Surfers and paddlers no longer need to choose between soft or functional. Volcom x Matador’s Beach Poncho is made from a special polyester and nylon blend that also enables the poncho to be packed into its own kangaroo pocket, folding up to be stored in a compact pouch when not in use.

If you’re anything like me, your car can become a tornado of towels, sand, and wetsuits, with smaller pieces like hair brushes, sunglasses, and, unfortunately, car keys, getting lost in the vortex. The convenience of the packable towel poncho cannot be overstated.

Volcom X Matador Changing Robe
Style & comfort: The Volcom X Matador Changing Robe travels with you everywhere.

Special Features Turns Poncho into Performance Apparel

When wearing the poncho, a self-storage pouch functions as a pocket for phone, keys, or whatever you’re juggling at the moment. The lightweight material isn’t the poncho’s only merit. Buttons along the neck ensure that the towel can slip easily over your head, and the robe is roomy and long enough to allow you to do whatever wetsuit gymnastics are necessary while still protecting your modesty. Drawstrings along the hood mean that you can make this poncho as cozy or as breathable as you want it to be. As a lover of coziness and fuzzy materials, I was skeptical that such a lightweight and serious poncho could give me that hug I need when I get out of the water. But this is something that has found a permanent place in my surf bag.

Reviewed and written by, Christina Habian

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