After hundreds of skaters from around the world submitted their runs for the Global AMdemic Qualifiers, only the top 30 remain. Welcome to the Semi-Finals! Join our hosts Paul Zitzer and Andrew Cannon as they get insight from SPoT judges Kelly Hart, Kelvin Hoefler, and Mike Sinclair on each skaters run.

Heat 1:
Kyonosuke Yamashita
Greg Rodriguez
Lucas Alves
Mauro Iglesias
Bruno Silva
Sena Watanabe
Austin Thongvivong
Juan Ignacio
Marcelo Batista
Jhancarlos Gonzalez

Heat 2:
Tyler Kirshenbaum
Aimu Yamazuki
Jorge Simoes
Giovanni Vianna
Sora Negishi
Elisson Ferraz
Austin Turgon
Remco Erkeland
Raimu Sasaki
Daiki Ikeda

Heat 3 Skaters:
Ismael Henrique
Guilherme Lima
Kento Urano
Gabryel Aguilar
Austin Zito
Vinicius Costa
Daniel Vargas
Dylan Jaeb
Filipe Mota
Keyake Ike

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