Let’s face it: you don’t need a garage full of expensive surf gear to be a core surfer. A bar of wax, an affordable wetsuit and any floatable piece of equipment are arguably all you need to keep the stoke alive. Most of us workaday surfers tend to be pretty frugal anyways, saving up for our next surf trip or a board we’ve been dreaming about rather than splurging on a piece of surf gadgetry that’ll likely have no impact on how often we paddle out to score a few waves.

But sometimes we keep those high dollar items–those shiny material things in the front window of the surf shop–in our periphery. We certainly don’t need ’em to be a core surfer, but sometimes it’s okay to dream. We put together a list of high-end surf gear we don’t necessarily need, but would absolutely love to have if, say, we won the lotto or something.

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