In the newest episode of “Weird Waves”, host Dylan Graves meets up with three different crews of California surfers who seek fun above all else. First, Graves visits what he calls the “Grom Gladiator Pit” in Carlsbad, California, where a gang of groms meet up when the tide is especially high and paddle out en masse with soft tops to surf the spot’s epic backwash. Farther north in Orange County, Graves meets up with a similarly creative group of young guns who regularly ride waves that break in between a rock formation (literally). And last-but-definitely-not-least, Graves hops back down to Del Mar, CA to hunt down the world’s smallest tubes with a band of frothed-out 60-year-olds who really know what surfing’s all about.

Click if you’d like to watch something that’ll bring a genuine smile to your face and be sure to check out episodes 1 and 2 of the third season of “Weird Waves” if you haven’t already.

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