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The International Canoe Federation (ICF) went big at the 2021 SUP World Championships in Hungary this September.  In a clear bid to identify themselves as a key leader within international stand up paddle competitions and a legitimate world championship event, the ICF pulled out all the stops in Balatonfured and crowned two undisputed SUP World Champions:  Noic Garioud (New Caledonia) and Fiona Wylde (U.S.A.)

Garioud and Wylde capture World Titles in Balatonfured

American Fiona Wylde and New Caledonian Noic Garioud both picked up two gold medals for the event as the International Canoe Federation’s Stand Up Paddling world championships closed with a crecendo in Balatonfured, Hungary, last Sunday.

Wylde added the women’s technical world title to the long distance crown she captured on Friday. Fans knew Wylde had gold in her sights after she won bronze in both events at the 2019 ICF world championships in China.

Garioud captured the win for the men’s technical race, after also claiming the men’s sprint title in a showdown with Connor Baxter. He also claimed with the silver medal in the men’s distance final behind fellow countryman Titouan Puyo, making Garioud the most successful elite athlete of the 2021 ICF SUP world championships.

Fiona Wylde ICF World Championships
Fiona Wylde champions her Type 1 Diabetes as well as other athletes to capture Overall World Title at 2021 ICF SUP World Championships. Photo by: Dezso Vekassy

Wylde Dominates Field to Capture Gold for U.S.A.

Wylde made her decisive bid for the gold in the technical race on the first turn, breaking away in a signature move to build a lead that could not be reeled in by 2019 ICF champ Spain’s Esperanza Barreras or America’s ferocious contender April Zilg.

What an incredible day,” Wylde said about her win. “The ICF World Championship was massive. 51 countries represented over 500 athletes at this year’s ICF SUP World Championships in Hungary. It is such an honor to win this prestigious event. Wow, two world titles won over three days.  It is truly a dream come true!  Massive thanks to the ICF and all the athletes for making this happen.”

Noic Garioud Connor Baxter ICF SUP World Championships sprint
Connor Baxter congratulates Garioud after his well-strategized win in the sprint final to claim the world title. Photo by: Dezso Vekassy

Garioud Shows Speed and Performance at ICF SUP World Championships

19-year-old Noic Garioud of New Calcedonia set a blistering pace over the weekend for the athletes, proving the difference in the sprint and the technical racing. In Sunday’s electric sprint final he paddled behind defending world champion Connor Baxter of the USA, before making a move headed toward the final buoy.

“Connor left the start line pretty fast, so I just tried to stay with him,” says Garioud. “At the sixth buoy I started to push myself and got past him.” 

Garioud’s finish had the fans on their feet as Baxter led the field until about 160 metres when Garioud put down the hammer and claimed his win.  “Someone once told me that it’s not about being fast, it’s about being super fast!”, he said.

Baxter picked up his second silver medal of the week, while Peru’s Itzel Delgado finished third.

In clear form, the ICF announced their 2022 SUP world championships will be held in Gdynia, Poland.

Titouan Puyo ICF World Championships
Former world champ Titouan Puyo shows his staying power in dominant victory on the long distance course. Photo by: Dezso Vekassy



  1. WYLDE Fiona (USA) 5.34:55
  2. BARRERAS Esperanza (ESP) 5.43:66
  3. ZILG April (USA) 5.49:71


  1. GARIOUD Noic (FNC) 4.46:15
  2. BAXTER Connor (USA) 4.57:98
  3. DELGADO Itzel (PER) 5.02:34


  1. HATAMI Diva (ISR) 6.20:24
  2. PYFFRADER Petra (AUT) 6.23:33
  3. CANUDAS Silvia (ESP) 6.24:71


  1. PARRES Daniel (ESP) 5.15:09
  2. FORASTER Marc (ESP) 5.32:36
  3. WEISNER Gerd (ESP) 5.45:26


  1. LIER Susanne (GER) 5.58:70
  2. RASZTOTZKY Eszter (HUN) 6.04:51
  3. KAMMERER Andrea (GER) 6.14:39


  1. MORA Salvador (ESP) 5.13:75
  2. WEIDERT Peter (GER) 5.14:76
  3. TEICHMAN Martin (GER) 5.22:88


  1. GORDILLO Duna (ESP) 6.04:27
  2. SOBERBIO Aida (ESP) 6.12:54
  3. CAIMARI Sonia (ESP) 6.19:08


  1. SIMONCELLI Lucas (ESP) 5.32:52
  2. SANCHEZ Aaron (ESP) 5.34:12
  3. HOYUELA Manuel (ESP) 5.39:18

Pics by Dezso Vekassy

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