In Dane Reynold’s newest edit/blog post, the heavy-footed Venturean waxes poetic about the ridiculousness of driving around all day, as a grown human, looking for surf and “rubbing elbows with groms trying to catch a wave to do a trick with someone standing on the beach with a camera to record it.” In the grand, grand scheme of things, sure, that may seem ridiculous, but it’s something we hope he’ll continue to do until he–in his words–has to “hang up the thruster and glide in from out the back on a 7’6 single fin.” Dane’s surfing keeps getting better and better, and he has the unique ability to entertain the eternally frothing, even when the waves are less-than-average. So we don’t see him slowing down anytime soon.

For the rest of his blog post (which you can read in full here), DR describes an average day searching for waves alongside his buddy and ends his tale with a promise to all his fans: “For the record. If you ever see me on a set at Rincon throwing my arms in the air on a 7’6 single fin feel free to burn me…”

We’d highly advise otherwise.

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