Last week we teased Canadian filmmaker Nate Laverty’s new surf movie, “Transition 2”, with a snowy section from the film. Filled with hi-fi surfing in frigid temps, it was an impressive look at how far wetsuits (and surfers) have come in sub-40 degree water. But it wasn’t exactly envy-inducing for most of us fair-weather surfers. This section, on the other hand, is a striking look at the surf and landscapes along Canada’s Vancouver Island, and it’ll surely inspire a surf trip north — whenever that becomes possible again.

“I love the variety we get on the west coast of Canada,” says Pete Devries in the clip playing above, who’s seen on the Canadian equivalent of the Indo boat trip alongside venturing Noah Cohen, Noah Wegrich, Hanna Scott and more. “We have some really quality waves when they happen. They’re fickle, they’re remote, but when you luck into one of those days, you can score incredible waves with no-one else around.” Click play to watch Devries and crew bounce between slabs by boat, surrounded by some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the world.

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