Max Torres APP World Tour Gran CanariaMax Torres of Puerto Rico competes in Gran Canaria 2018.

Global Partner

The International Surfing Association (ISA) announces a continuation of their annual scholarship program aimed at supporting underserved surfers 18 years of age and under.


ISA Pledges Scholarship Fund for Underserved Youth to Promote Sport of Surfing

The ISA pledged a total of $20,000 USD will be awarded to surfers based on financial need and the individual’s dedication to both surfing and education.

Since 2007, more than three hundred under-18 surfers from around the globe have become ISA scholarship ambassadors. In total, the program has received $328,500 for education, surfing equipment, competition training and/or coaching.

Max Torres APP World Tour Gran CanariaMax Torres of Puerto Rico is a steady presence on the APP World Tour, seen here in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Aiding in Growth & Development of Surfers

The ISA Scholarship Program is successful in aiding the growth and development of U-18 surfers around the world. In 2019, twelve ISA Scholarship ambassadors from seven different countries were selected to compete on their national teams at the VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship.

The application window for new scholarships is now open and closes on September 30th, 2020.  Keep reading to find out HOW to APPLY.

Arthur Jung: Coame Danião catching some waves in Fernando de Noranha Island, Brazil.Helping young athletes train and compete around the world is how the ISA pledges to use their funds. Photo: ISA

ISA Promises a “Better World Through Surfing” for Youth

ISA President Fernando Aguerre proclaims the benefit of youth scholarship program:

“We have always known that our commitment to the global development of surfing goes way beyond competition. The ISA Scholarship Program is a shining example of the ISA’s commitment, and for me, is a great source of pride and gratification.

While relatively small in resources, this program has huge impact on the lives of young people. Our program puts into practice the ISA’s mission of a better world through surfing by fostering education and the joy of surfing.

Izzi GomezIzzi Gomez competes for ISA under the flag of Columbia. Photo by: ISA

I’ve been able to meet many of these ambassador surfers and watch them grow up throughout the years. It really touches my heart to watch our program’s athletes succeed in not only surfing, but in life, with a little help from the ISA.

With Surfing set to debut in the Youth Olympic Games in Dakar in 2026, many of our young scholarship winners may find themselves as Olympians sooner than they realize.”

ISA Scholarship Supports Youth of Surfing

To learn more about the ISA Scholarship Program and to apply, click here.

Thank you for your efforts to promote the grassroots efforts of local surfing communities and support those youth with a passion for the sport to succeed.  ISA, we salute you.

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