“I guess I’m hanging out with [Lucas] Chumbo too much these days, ‘cause now all I wanna do is surf big waves,” laughs Italo Ferreira in the second episode of his new vlog series, playing above. Armed with eight cups of coffee, a jet ski and a camera crew, Chumbo and Ferreira set off in search of barrels around Brazil on a recent big swell. While the first right they surf looks like the 50-year-storm at Bells Beach from “Point Break”, the left they find afterwards is a legitimate slab, unlike what you’d expect to find in Brazil. And how much fun do these guys have? Ferreira is a happy-go-lucky energizer bunny, skimboarding through the shorebreak and backflipping off the dunes while waiting to launch the ski. The best part is there’s nothing vague or profound about this series. It’s just an honest look at Ferreira and his friends. Has there ever been a more fun-loving, non-polarizing, endeared-by-all world champ? Seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t like this guy?

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