And we’re back. Last week we took a break from incessantly washing our hands to kick off “AMA From More Than 6-Feet Away”, an Ask-Me-Anything interview series for the social-distancing era. The idea was to help connect you with your favorite surfers in this most isolating time, and in our first episode you hit up John John Florence about everything from favorite equipment to the current state of his bees (they’re OK, but could be better). For our second episode, with none other than South Africa’s power gouging goliath Jordy Smith, you peppered him with questions about working on the watershed Kai Neville film “Modern Collective”, if he ever futzes around with alternative craft and whether or not he’s into Netflix’s “Tiger King” (who isn’t?).

Press play to hear Jordy’s answers to those questions and more. And check back tomorrow for our next episode, with none other than the GOAT himself, Mr. Kelly Slater.

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