Mark Wilson’s X GAMES Real Snow 2020 Part—Watch and Vote!

How many sporting events feature someone going au naturale… besides a streaker? Well, welcome to X Games Real Snow 2020. Mark Wilson keeps it au naturale in his X Games Real Snow part with no help from a bungee or winch in the streets. Although, the speed he garners from the terrain in front of him could actually classify him as a “streaker”… but this comparison as a way to contextualize Real Snow for the average sports viewer is being made on the fly, so cut us some slack. We aren’t used to writing for you either.

Are you looking for a sporting event to cheer for while quarantined at home? Look no further. Real Snow features five riders competing for X Games gold through video parts filmed earlier this winter.

Need more? How about some national pride to heighten the stakes. The Olympics are postponed, so here is your chance to get your country a medal.
Mark Wilson (USA)
Zak Hale (USA)
Craigh McMorris (CAN)
Rene Rinnekangas (FIN)
Jesse Augustinus (NLD)

You can view Mark Wilson’s entry above, as well as more of the field in the links below. Voting goes until April 5th, and you can vote once per day for anyone you’d like. Vote on here!

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