When the world went on lockdown due to Covid-19 back in 2020, Kael Walsh found himself in the perfect place to isolate: the tube-and-ramp-laden coast of Western Australia. “When Covid started kicking off, it was one of the first places to go into lockdown,” Kael Walsh told Quiksilver. “Then they never really lifted it. Nobody could get in without a proper exemption — and even if you had that, you had to quarantine for 14 days. But if you were in, there weren’t really any restrictions. We were fully isolated. While the rest of the world was dealing with it, we were just doing our thing.” Needless to say, Walsh had plenty of time on his hands (and plenty of crowd-less waves) to string together A-plus clips to entertain the masses with. In his new edit above, “Idiot Box,” Walsh goes for broke above and below the lip, with the type of nonchalance one has growing up and living in a place with plenty of world-class waves to go around.

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