If you want to escape the coming autumn and prefer to kite in warm water instead, you should take another holiday in autumn. In addition to endless sandy beaches with great wavespots in Cape Town, there are plenty of other kite spots, near or far, which are definitely worth a flight.

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Denmark: Fjand Badeby – Kitesurfing during the autumn break

Kitesurfing in Denmark is easy to describe in just a few words: great spot variety, high wind safety, deserted spots and endless beaches.Right at the North Sea we discovered a real jewel and could get it for the windiest time of the year! With our partner Kiteboarding Events we live here in 11 cabins, which have been freshly modernised, but have kept their typical charm! Here you can just boot off and be right at the kite spot!

+ NEW: experience the KiteWorldWide Village in Denmark!
+ Very high wind probability
+ Large shallow water area for beginners, intermediates and freestylers
+ Intensive coaching with VDWS licensed trainers
+ Living directly at the spot
+ Latest material from Duotone and CORE Kiteboarding
+ Individual arrival – by car or train

South Africa: Cape Town – Kitesurfing during the autumn break

Due to the current situation we are not offering Cape Town this autumn. But you can book the next winter season from 15.11. now! If anything changes, you will of course be informed immediately!

Cape Town is not only a tourist destination. From October 15th, you can shred the waves at Sunset Beach again. To avoid boredom during your autumn vacation, there are daily trips to other spots, wine tours, market explorations and much more. Jana and Marci from KiteBoardingEvents will be on site to answer your questions and give you tips on kiting or everything else around Cape Town. In addition, GoPro cameras are available for free to capture your holiday experiences on video for you to recall them after getting back home. Marci will help you to operate with the GoPro and create your unique holiday story.

+ Enjoy the best spots, trips and Cape Town’s nightlife with Juli, Martin, and Marci from Kiteboarding Events
+ KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town: lifestyle-loft-villa right at the spot
+ Unbelievable variety of spots
+ Numerous possibilities for activities and trips
+ Great community feeling at the Mansion
+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide

Cape Verde: Sal – Kitesurfing during the autumn break

Due to the current situation we are not offering Cape Verde this autumn. If this changes, you will of course be informed immediately!

The “Turtle House”, affectionately named by the locals, is well thought out down to the last detail and radiates a unique surfer’s flair. Together with other kite enthusiasts from all over the world, you can exchange ideas in the common rooms or have a beer on the rooftop terrace.
With Mitu’s kitesurfing school and his partner Djo we have found the best spot for kitesurfing on Cape Verde. Even those who are inexperienced in the waves have the chance to feel their way into it. So if you feel like learning from a real professional, this is the right place for you.

+ New in 2019: The KiteWorldWide Kite House
+ Life comfortably and together with like-minded people experiencing a unique atmosphere
+ Most reliable spot for winter, only 6 flying hours away
+ New, professional kite station of Mitu Monteiro at the Kite Beach
+ Learn to (wave-)kite surf from the world champion
+ Daily kite shuttle, as well as other activities, included 
+ Season runs from October to May
+ Kitesurfing with Mitu – exclusively at KiteWorldWide
+ If you rather push your level in a group: The Wave Camp with Mitu

Tunisia: Djerba – Kitesurfing during the autumn break

Due to the current situation we are not offering Djerba this autumn. If this changes, you will of course be informed immediately!

Djerba is the perfect kitesurf destination for beginners and intermediates, as the vast lagoon will offer plenty of space to practice. Djerba is also ideally suited for family trips since there are also a variety of other fun activities on this island. But of course, kitesurfing is still the #1 focus. Our massive lagoon on Djerba is quite shallow and stays warm all year – you might want to bring a wetsuit just in case but chances are, you won’t need it. After a successful session, you can kick back at the village, enjoy a good dinner and look back on the day with the other guests while having a cold beer.

+ Huge shallow water lagoon for beginners, intermediates, and freestylers
+ Beautiful hotel in typical Djerbian Arabian style
+ Brand new KiteWorldWide kite station with the latest gear from Flysurfer and Core 
+ Exclusive with KiteWorldWide
+ Holiday destination suited for single travelers, couples, and families

Brazil: Tatajuba – Kitesurfing during the autumn break

The river lagoon directly in front of our KiteWorldWide Pousada in Brazil offers not only endless opportunities for kiting but also absolute relaxation during your holiday in October. If you need a bit of variety in the kite area, you can walk a few steps to the sea and find some nice kicker waves there. Different water conditions in front of your door are opening a huge kitesurfing playground. Amidst palm trees, the Beach Bungalows are located directly at the beach and not far away from there, you will find the Palafitas built on poles in the middle of a palm garden.

+ Beach-side accommodations
+ Incredibly beautiful pousada far from crowded spots

+ VDWS kite center managed by KiteWorldWide
+ Flatwater spot in front of the door and other spots nearby
+ Best wind yield in Brazil
+ Jericoacoara only 45 min. away
+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide

Egypt: Seahorse Bay – Kitesurfing during the autumn break

There is a lot of action at the Seahorse Bay in Egypt. The kite spot with two teaching zones offers the necessary space for learning to kitesurf or trying out new things for every level. Kiteschool, accommodation, and spot are also located next to each other and there is no need for a shuttle with the TukTuk. Sitting in the deck chair on the roof terrace you can exchange experiences during the breaks and watch others doing their tricks. If you need a little bit of alternation from kiting, you will find different activities such as an excursion to the city and the port of El Gouna, go wakeboarding or diving along the reef and a lot more.

+ Family-like atmosphere at Ibi & Friends Kiteclub Seahorse Bay
+ Living right at the spot, without TukTuk rides
+ Complete packages for beginner, intermediate and advanced
+ Limited availability for more space on the water

Greece: Kos – Kitesurfing during the autumn break

The kite spot at Mastichari on the beautiful island Kos is with its first kiters house and a new training system is something very special in our repertoire. You will live with other kiters and only kiters together. So you can perfectly meet new people from all over the world and get connected to expand your network. In an almost private unit, the students are brought out on the water by boat and can be trained optimally. The kite students are brought to the wind by boat and are also taught from the boat.

+ New in 2019: The first kiters house on Kos!
+ Kitesurfing aside areas of intensive tourism
+ Special lessons from the boat
+ Family-friendly spot
+ Discover an original Greece and experience Mastichari
+ Cheap flights

Italy: Sicily – Kitesurfing during the autumn break

Season extended until 22.11.2020!

Whether from the Hotel Santa Maria, Santa Maria Residence or Villa Lo Stagnone: a fabulous view of the lagoon of Marsala is guaranteed. By foot, you can quickly reach the kite launching area and learn to kite in knee-to-hip deep water or improve your skills. Despite the size of the lagoon, the water is mainly mirror-smooth and only choppy towards the middle. Sicily has also a lot of activities which are worth a try. So you can go hiking, downhill mountain biking or explore the archeological history of Sicily.

+ Huge flatwater lagoon
+ Hotel Santa Maria: the ONLY accommodation directly at the spot with a swimming pool
+ Very high wind probability
+ Season from March till November
+ Newly renovated apartments located on the front row to the spot
+ only 3 hours away

Morroco: Dakhla – Kitesurfing during the autumn break

In the western Sahara, our KiteWorldWide Villa Camp in Dakhla is only 80 feet away from the kite spot. More than 40 miles you can kite along the tongue of land in a top shallow water area. Whether beginners, intermediates or absolute experts; Dakhla makes kite-dreams come true for everyone. Whether on smooth water in the lagoon or in the waves on the other side of the headland.

+ Exclusive spa and Moroccan hammam
+ Stunning hotelexclusively for Kiteworldwide 
+ Diverse, shallow flat water spot in front of the camp and wave spots around the corner
+ Perfect wind conditions from March to October, good wind from November to February
+ VDWS licensed kite center  under KiteWorldWide management
+ New flight times mean no overnight layover

Morroco: Essaouira -Kitesurfing during the autumn break

From April to October, a special thermal system ensures a fairly reliable wind in Essaouira. The onshore to side shore wind offers beginners sufficient security to the get back to land again. This spot is recommended for experienced riders and can be really difficult for absolute beginners due to the high waves. All wave fans, on the other hand, will get their money’s worth here at several spots.

+ KiteWorldWide winter destination with an activity package included
+ The KiteWorldWide Riad
+ Great atmosphere in the old town of Essaouira

+ High wind probability
+ KiteWorldWide Guide on site

+ Kitesurf spot with a large shallow area
+ Great for wave beginners and advanced wave kiters, lots of different spots

Spain: Tarifa – Kitesurfing during the autumn break

Tarifa – the main spot in Spain with a white sandy beach for all kiters. Whether riding downwind from September to October, a little wave or kitesurfing or shallow water lagoons parallel to the ocean. This place is definitely diverse. On the rooftop terrace of the KiteWorldWide Town House, you can chill out, chat or end the day with a BBQ or have a drink while watching the sunset. Numerous bars and clubs in the city make Tarifa a good way to spend your holidays in surfer’s style.

+ Our own kite school exclusively for KiteWorldWide guests
+ Season from April 1st till June 30thand September 1st till October 31st
+ Spanish lifestyle and epic nightlife
+ High wind probability and mild climate only three flying hours away
+ KiteWorldWide Town House Tarifa for a great community feeling
+ KiteWorldWide guide on site

ravelfinder – When do you want to go?

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