In case you want to escape the rather cold northern European easter for an Easter kitesurfing trip we have some destinations for you in this blog, where you will find two important ingredients for every kitesurfer; wind and sun. So instead of looking for Easter treats in the slushy snow, give yourself some time in the sun with your kite!

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If you want to get into the sun quickly over Easter, we have selected a few destinations that are safe in terms of wind and temperature over Easter. So instead of searching for Easter eggs in the snow, treat yourself to a few days on the water with wind and sun!

The best KiteWorldWide destinations for Easter:

You can find the general availability here:

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How does an easter trip to the Kite world wides biggest shallow lagoon sound to you? Dakhla is the perfect destination for endless kite sessions. Thanks to the great wind conditions and all the space on the water, beginners, freestyler and wavekiters can spend all day long on the water. No worries, if you need a break in between you can always relax at our hammam and enjoy Moroccan traditional treatments.
+ Huge shallow water lagoon and numerous spots
+ Very high probability of wind almost all year long
+ Good conditions for freestylers, beginners and intermediates
+ accommodation directly at the spot: at La Tour d’Eole
+ Professional kite center with the latest equipment from Duotone

Whether it is your goal to get into the wave riding game this year or you already master waves like a champion – the Cape Verdien Islands will definitely delight you! On the Island of Sal we are working together nobody less than THE wave kiter, Mitu Monteiro. Together with his buddy Djo he is running the local surf school at the kite beach of Sal. For those of you, who want to start riding waves slowly, the Kite Beach is the main spot. For whomever feels comfortable already and has some experience in riding waves, Sal offers plenty more spots around the island. First and foremost the famous waves of Ponta Preta – the home spot of the wave champion Mitu. Our Kite House welcomes you with colourful rooms and charming details throughout the entire house.

+ The unique KiteWorldWide Kite House
+ Live comfortably and with like-minded people with a unique flair
+ Windproof winter area only 6 flying hours away
+ Daily kite shuttle and social programme included
+ Season from October to May

If Europe is not an option for an Easter escape, of course we have some destinations a little bit further away. First of all the Seahorse Bay Egypt. With its vibrant turquoise water and dream like constant wind, the sea horse bay is the kite surf spot for all beginners, advanced and intermediate kite surfers. Flat – water all over the place! There is even so much space, that we were able to set up two areas for beginners while all the advanced Kite surfers will still find enough space for their ride. After your sessions you can kick back and relax in our comfy KiteWorldWide Villa that we are running together with Ibi & Friends.

+ Family atmosphere at the Ibi & Friends Kiteclub Seahorse Bay
+ Living directly at the spot, driving without TukTuk
+ Complete packages for beginners, intermediates and advanced
+ Limited places for more space on the water
+ Exclusive at KiteWorldWide
+ From bed to board: 20 meters from the accommodation to the spot
+ Holiday destination for single travellers, couples and families

Among the kitesurfers, El Gouna is probably the most famous place on earth and everyone has been there. Also we at KiteWorldWide have now found our way here after almost a decade. Only four hours flight time away is a beautiful lagoon, which offers you flat water and shallow water! You can expect great conditions for every kiter and everyone who wants to learn kitesurfing here.

With the Makani Beach Club we have found the needle in a haystack. Here you will not only have the perfect infrastructure for kitesurfing, but also everything your heart desires for the time between kitesurfing sessions or for the non kiting company! How about a little yoga, spintonic or hot iron in the fitness studio directly on the beach? Or maybe a massage to relax your tired bones after kiting? For the physical well-being is of course taken care of. Crunchy salads, tasty sandwiches and pasta await you. We also serve homemade smoothies and really good coffee!

+ Huge standing area with turquoise water
+ Only 4 flying hours away from Germany
+ 10 kilometres long fine sandy beach
+ Various hotels in El Gouna, according to your wishes
+ Many international restaurants and bars
+ Large selection of different sports
+ Summer temperatures all year round
+ Holiday destination for single travellers, couples and families

For all those who want to go out over the holidays, but do not want to spend Easter in an airplane, Sicily is only 3 hours away by plane in ‘Bella Italia’. Instead of extensive Easter walks you can let yourself glide for miles on the water of the huge lagoon. If you need a break in between, your balcony is the perfect place to watch other kiters jumping, because our apartments are located directly at the spot. If you have some time to explore the place besides kiting, the historic alleys, temples and museums in Mazia are definitely worth a visit.

+ Kitesurfing in Italy
+ Only 3 flying hours away
+ Huge, shallow shallow water lagoon
+ Very good wind yield (over 300 days / year!)
+ Chic, modern hotel directly at the spot – exclusively at KiteWorldWide
+ Newly renovated apartments directly at the spot
+ Season from March to November
+ For those who prefer to push their level in a group: Kiteboarding Events SicilyKiteboarding Events Sizilien

Djerba is the perfect kitesurfing destination for beginners and advanced kitesurfers alike, as the huge lagoon offers plenty of space to practice. New in our program is the Jardins de Toumana – an authentic and friendly boutique hotel where you and your non-kiting companions can relax. There is also a variety of other exciting activities. But of course kitesurfing is still the main focus. Our huge lagoon on Djerba is quite shallow and stays warm all year round – you might want to bring a wetsuit for safety reasons, but chances are you won’t need it. After a successful session you can sit back in the village, enjoy a good dinner and review the day with the other guests over a cold beer.

+ New hotel since February 2020!
+ Windproof kiting area only about 3 hours away from Germany
+ Huge shallow water lagoon for beginners, intermediates and freestylers
+ Beautiful boutique hotel with an authentic look
+ KiteWorldWide Kitestation with the latest equipment from Core Kiteboarding
+ Holiday destination for single travellers, couples and families

This dream of Arabian nights welcomes you around Easter with mild weather around 20 degrees and nice waves. The bay of Essaouira is roughly 4 km long and framed by a beautiful white sandy beach. The wind is constantly blowing from the right during April providing stable side-shore conditions. Beginners will find a safe area with waist deep water to dare their first steps on the board while advanced kite surfers can enjoy the waves rolling in. The long flat areas in the between the sets are perfect for trying to go strapless on a wave board for the first time. Our accommodation is a typical moroccan house called a “Riad“. They are rather plain on the outside, but when you step in, they open up to beautiful patios and rooftop terraces.

+ The KiteWorldWide winter destination with activity guarantee
+ Lives in KiteWorldWide Riyadh
+ 1001 nights flair in the old town of Essaouira
+ High wind safety
+ Spot with standing area
+ KiteWorldWide Guide on site
+ Great for wave beginners and advanced surfers with a wide variety of spots

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